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Orlando Cadillac Car Dealerships Put Safety First with Advanced Auto Technology

Central Florida Cadillac - Orlando Car Dealership

/ New car dealership in North Orlando offers Cadillac ATS, SRX, and XTS models with Driver Assist and Driver Awareness packages

Orlando, FL ( - press release) In a world where cell phone and gadget use is greatly discouraged when behind the wheel, Cadillac has created new exceptions where technology leads to a safer drive in their new cars for sale. Available in ATS, SRX, and XTS models, the Driver Assist and Driver Awareness packages aim to provide peace of mind to both Cadillac owners and their passengers.

“Cadillac is not only the top of the line in luxury and class but has ensured the best driver assist and awareness technologies. Utilizing cameras, sensors, radars, and automatic break technologies lead to safer driving for Cadillac owners,” reports Kevin Giguere of Central Florida Cadillac. “Whether just cruising down the interstate, backing out of the drive way or parking the cars are quipped with everything needed to stay safe and avoid hazards that could lead to injury.”

Working together to increase a one’s consciousness of impending road hazards are the Full Speed Adaptive Cruise Control, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Rear Vision Camera with Dynamic Guidelines, Automatic Front and Rear Braking, Forward Collision Alert, Side Blind Zone Alert, and Lane Departure Warning.

These alerts and warnings available in new Cadillac cars for sale are visual as well as haptic and audible notification of road hazards known as the Driver Alert System (DAS). DAS features are enabling a safer ride not only for Cadillac owners in Orlando, but across the country.

The Driver Alerts System is able to increase cruise control to a full speed adaptive. This extends the traditional cruise control most a familiar with to managing the car’s acceleration and breaking automatically from cruise speed all the way to a full stop. The full speed adaptive cruise control keeps a safe following distance and decreases risk for accidents.

Likewise, the forward collision alert uses the safety seat’s haptic warning to vibrate both sides of the driver’s seat when your car is approaching a stationary or moving vehicle too quickly. In many ways it is like having an extra set of eyes watching out for hazards on the road, ensuring drivers and their passengers are as safe as possible.

Another feature on most new cars for sale is Cadillac’s new Rear Cross Traffic Alert. Backing out of a parking spot can be tricky at times, and with Rear Cross Traffic Alert, a better scan is done for all areas adjacent to the car ensuring you are clear before driving. The rear vision camera also allows drivers to view objects directly behind them via the eight-inch monitor on the center stack. A set of colored lines allows the driver to have a guideline for reversing assistance.

Finally, Cadillac cars for sale in Orlando will ensure safety when parked by automatically applying the emergency break when stopped if a car is detected in front or behind it. This means that a forgetful driver will never have to worry about a rollaway car or accident just because they forgot the emergency break.

Driver assistance packages vary in cost based on ATS, SRX, or XTS model and coverage. Contact your local Orlando Cadillac dealerships today for pricing and additional information on new and Certified Pre Owned cars for sale by calling 407-378-6460 or visit