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New software available at BT Business Direct

/ UK ( - press release) Online IT retailer BT Business Direct now has a range of new software available to help give any homeowner, business or student a new and improved experience.

Microsoft Office 2013, the latest version of Office, is designed to help the user create and organise much faster, thanks to brand new time-saving features and its clean, modern look. Designers of the latest software have made life easier for the user, who can save documents in the cloud on SkyDrive and then access them virtually anywhere, ideal for people constantly on the move, in particular for those business people requiring presentations in client meetings.

What’s more, there are different versions available that have been selected with different users in mind, making it really easy for people to find the perfect version to suit their needs. All come complete with core Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and then users can choose the correct version that’s tailored to their needs.

The Home & Student package is ideal for students requiring software for essays and coursework, whereas the business office applications such as Home & Business and Professional offer the perfect solution for all business needs.

Windows 8 devices are the best way to experience the brand new version of Microsoft Office. The new and improved user interface has been optimised for touch, pen and keyboard, whilst the new Start screen offers the user a choice of recent templates and documents to help them get going as quickly as possible.

Clare Leetham, Software Category Manager said: “Here at BT Business Direct, we’re proud to offer our customers the latest version of IT, computing and networking equipment that enable their business to run smoothly. What’s more, we provide outstanding support and installation service so firms can get their business up and running in no time at all.”

Business owners and IT enthusiasts can purchase Microsoft Windows 8 Pro from BT Business Direct now, along with the latest version of Microsoft Office.


For further information, please contact:
Name: Clare Leetham
Tel: 0870 429 3730
Title: Software Category Manager