Forward-thinking books on information security help organisations understand current challenges in the sector

/ Keeping up-to-date with information security issues and responding to new cybersecurity challenges can be time-consuming. However, it is essential that anyone concerned with information security, from IT professionals through to the Board members, dedicates time to learning and understanding these issues.

Last week, for example, the UK’s National Audit Office highlighted a severe lack of skilled cybercrime fighters in the UK. Cybercrime is costing the UK economy an estimated £18-27 billion each year.

So, is there a fast route to getting up to speed with what’s happening and what the modern means are to fight cybercrime?

Information security experts at IT Governance advise there is an easy way to catch up with the latest developments and fill in the knowledge gap. They recommend three essential books that can greatly improve everyone’s understanding of information security, data protection and risk management, whilst providing them with enjoyable and useful reading.

Once more unto the Breach - Managing information security in an uncertain world is based on a typical year in the life of an information security manager. The book examines how the general principles can be applied to all situations and discusses the lessons learnt from a real project. The book can be purchased as softcover and eBook from

IT Governance - An International Guide to Data Security and ISO27001/ISO27002 is the definitive guide to implementing an ISO27001 compliant Information Security Management System (ISMS). Written by industry experts, Alan Calder and Steve Watkins, it contains clear guidance on all aspects of data protection and information security. Book reviewers describe it as ‘unparalleled’, a critical source when preparing and managing the ISMS’ and ‘a comprehensive guide as to actions that should be taken'. The book can be ordered online at

Managing Information Security Breaches - Studies from real life provides a general discussion of, and a source of learning about, what information security breaches are, how they can be treated and what ISO27001 can offer in that regard, spiced with a number of real-life stories of information security incidents and breaches. This book is highly relevant and will help every team to prepare a strategic framework for handling information security breaches. Buy a softcover or eBook from

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