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Justice News Flash Creates False Claims, Whistleblower, Qui Tam News Portal

/ Workers who uncover wrongdoing or unethical business practices being carried out by their employers under government contract often have questions about possible steps that could be taken to right identified wrongs. Sometimes blowing the whistle on these bad actions leads to retaliation and many don't know where to turn for information about their legal rights under these circumstances. in association with San Francisco based whistleblower lawyer, Kathleen R. Scanlan of the law firm of Keller Grover LLP announces the launch of a new online portal,, dedicated to legal news related to qui tam, whistleblower law and false claims, providing representation tips and suggestions for whistleblowers against the Federal Government.

Blowing the Whistle On Wrongdoing in the Workplace

The goal of featured expert columnist Kathleen R. Scanlan of is to help more workers understand the protections afforded to them under the False Claims Act. The legislation is designed to hold individuals, corporations, and others liable for defrauding government based programs. Many workers witness fraudulent acts every day, but are unaware that they can file actions on behalf of the government, or blow the whistle on the wrongful acts and receive a portion of damages that may be recovered as a result. Those with questions about the False Claims Act or inquiries related to real estate fraud, healthcare fraud, fraud on consumers, fraud on the government, and other types of fraud can visit to pose their questions directly or learn more about how to obtain a free consultation with a whistleblower lawyer.

About Kathleen R. Scanlan of Keller Grover LLP

Kathleen R. Scanlan is a San Francisco based whistleblower lawyer and featured columnist for Scanlan has more than a decade of experience practicing law in the state of California, and currently works to help clients achieve successful outcomes for whistleblower claims with the law firm of Keller Grover LLP.

With injury and whisle blower lawyer news portal, lawyers, journalists, and other professionals have the opportunity to provide breaking news to their communities using an easy to access, convenient medium.