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Reasons Why Free Press Release Sites Can Harm Your Business

/ Dallas, TX - Most free press release sites can do more harm than good to your website, brand, and overall online reputation. The free submission service may cost you not only penalties from Google but also the hard-earned customers' trust you have earnestly build for years.

Why Free Press Release Sites Exist?

The obvious answer is to give businesses an alternative way to syndicate their press releases for free. Also, most of these sites easily attract new users as SEO benefits are also featured as one of the advantages once a press release is successfully published. But, do these free press release sites really help you catch the media's attention to relay your story to their followers, viewers, and readers? The answer is no.

Free Press Release Sites Can't Take your Story to the Media

As press releases are mainly created for the media, it's definitely a waste of time submitting them to free press release sites which have no connection to journalists, bloggers, editors, and other influencers.

A study conducted by a public relations company reveals that press releases submitted in free press release distribution sites are never picked up by the media. This means that you are just wasting your time submitting your press release copy to over 50 free press release sites as they are not serving their very purpose.

Once your press release is buried invisibly in those free PR pages, it would just a matter of time before you will realize how much exposure you've lost if you have submitted it to authentic and reliable press release distribution portal.

Not Indexed in Google News

As most of these free press release sites lack authority and credibility, the SEO benefits they offer are just plain promises. Google, with its constantly updated search algorithms, only indexed press releases from reliable press release networks. If Google is your main source of organic search traffic, then you should stop sending your press release to free PR sites and employ a reliable press release distribution company to take care of your press release syndication.

Losing a chance to get indexed in Google News is a huge loss as this opportunity can give your website a huge boost in traffic, ranking, and authority.

Can Lessen Trust from Present and Potential Customers

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. What will you feel if you found a press release from the product you currently used published in a low quality press release sites filled with ads and low quality contents? How about a potential customer finding your products presented in a press release laden with poker or Viagra ads? As most free press release sites have no other way to raise income than to put advertisements on their websites, you content will suffer the effect of ads saturation.

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