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The Pope County Tribune has been published weekly for 97 years, since it’s first issue was published in June of 1920. Management of the Pope County Tribune has been in the hands of just four publishers in that 97-year span. Edward E. Barsness was the first publisher, from 1920-1955; James M. Kinney was the next publisher, from 1955-1984; John R. Stone published the Pope County Tribune from 1984-2005. Tim Douglass, the current publisher, started as publisher in 2005 and continues today.
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Media Name Pope County Tribune
Media Type Newspaper
Language English
Location Glenwood, Minnesota
Logo Pope County Tribune

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Name Tim Douglass
Phone +1 (320) 634-4571
Name Celeste Rapp
Phone +1 (320) 634-4571
Name Erika Andreas
Phone +1 320-634-4571

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