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Journal Gazette & Times courier

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Together, The Journal Gazette & Times-Courier and reach 87% of local adults within a 7-day period. We offer custom packages for any business, from print advertising to the very latest in digital technology. The JG-TC focuses on coverage of the cities of Mattoon and Charleston, which are located 8 miles apart in Coles County in East Central Illinois. We circulate in seven counties and have a daily circulation of over 12,000.
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Media Name Journal Gazette & Times courier
Media Type Newspaper
Language English
Location Mattoon, Illinois
Logo Journal Gazette & Times courier

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Name Chris Coates
Phone +1 (217) 421-8905
Name Eric Skalac
Phone +1 (217) 238-6863
Name Dave Fopay
Phone +1 (217) 238-6858

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