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The Flagler College Gargoyle

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The publications’s name comes from the downspout gargoyles located in our very own Ponce DeLeon courtyard, that are said to serve as “guardians” to the college.The purpose of the Flagler College Gargoyle is: 1.To serve as an extracurricular learning experience for aspiring journalists, communication majors, and other students at Flagler College. 2.To report news and provide information to the Flagler College community and other audiences in a fair, accurate, and responsible manner. 3.To serve as a forum for various opinions, perspectives, issues, and viewpoints. 4.To uphold the standards of the journalism profession and strictly adhere to all ethical guidelines to ensure the integrity and credibility of the newspaper.
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Media Name The Flagler College Gargoyle
Media Type Newspaper
Language English
Location St. Augustine, Florida
Logo The Flagler College Gargoyle

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Name Katherine Hamilton
Phone +1 (904) 819-6333

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