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Debt Restructure Advisor Announces Plan Confirmation in a Multiple Asset Ch-11

/ April 13, 2012: Philadelphia, PA- Capital Restructure Group, a debt restructure advisor and Chapter 11 consulting firm today announced that the reorganization plan it conceived and wrote to restructure a portfolio of commercial real estate in Pennsylvania was confirmed and that the plan confirmation restructured 28 loans encumbering the assets of the property owner.

Capital Restructure Group was retained by the property owner as the lead strategist to negotiate and restructure the loans encumbering a portfolio of commercial and residential real estate whose owner had filed chapter 11 in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Capital Restructure Group is an expert in CMBS loan restructures, commercial real estate loan restructure, and business debt restructure. The Company consults to Property Owners and Business owners nationwide and its principals have successfully restructured their own business debt and real estate debt both in and out of chapter 11.

The reorganization plan confirmed by the court and written by Capital Restructure Group utilized the firms decades of experience in the structuring and writing of feasible and confirmable reorganization plans as the negotiating lever to firmly prod the multiple banks and other creditors to consent to a restructure of their mortgages and equipment loans that they initially fought against, but inevitably consented to. When confronted with the fact that Capital Restructure Group could and would structure an alternative reorganization plan that would have resulted in more severe treatment of their loans, the lenders backed down, dropped their opposition and approved the plan.

The Chapter 11 law is written to restructure a banks debt without the banks approval, a fact the banks are rarely confronted with when cocooned by their lawyers. Capital Restructure Group's philosophy is to exploit this fact either in a chapter 11 or under the threat of Chapter 11 and negotiate from an unflinching position of strength against the banks for its clients.

We remove the lawyers from the negotiating table and replace them with seasoned businessmen who negotiate directly with the banks and get results.

Alternatively, your lawyer through no fault of his own must negotiate through the filter of the banks lawyer and you end up paying lawyers to talk to lawyers and then the banks lawyer talks to the bank and your lawyer to talk to you: A time consuming, expensive, inefficient and ridiculous way to make a deal.

Arm yourself with knowledge, confront the bank, put end to the attorney driven process, and get results.


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