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Undergoing Surgery? Look For These 8 Principles for Highest Possible Outcomes 

SACRAMENTO, CA, USA, July 21, 2015 / -- Turns out that surgeons who perform at high­volumes are typically the best surgeons for the job, especially in complex or risky surgeries. An analysis by the Mexico Bariatric Center released eight (8) principles backed by scientific and medical research, that would contribute to surgeons performing at the highest level, which would reduce surgical mortality and decrease complications. The findings of our review are striking, suggesting surgical outcomes can be somewhat predicted. By examining the following criteria, patients can determine the best surgeon who would provide the highest surgical outcomes.

Surgical Criteria for Highest Patient Outcomes Include:

● Volume of Procedure Performed
● Weekly Schedule of Surgeries
● Surgeon’s Rest and Sleep
● Surgeon’s Daily Limit
● Hospital Volume

Looking at dozens of factors which could increase or decrease surgical outcomes; eight general principles were found. Among these eight criteria including the principle that you should look for surgeons who perform surgery in volume, or surgeons who have performed in differing levels of complexity, from low­-complexity, medium­-complexity and high­complexity cases.

Eight Principles Which Contribute to the Highest Surgical Outcomes

When patients are undergoing complex or risky surgeries, these principles are especially important to reduce patient complications and risks, while promoting the highest possible outcomes. This analysis is important to show that for both general and complex surgeries, including bariatric, knee and hip replacement, patients would do well to look for surgeons who follow these principles.

About the Analysis

The analysis was authored by Mexico Bariatric Center (MBC), a leading bariatric center which focuses on patient ­safety and post­op aftercare. Mexico Bariatric Center publishes authentic, original research in the field of bariatrics, and post­-op nutrition. Mexico Bariatric Center offers the ability to undergo inexpensive bariatric (weight­ reduction) surgery in Mexico to patients who lack insurance or who are underinsured. MBC is a leading weight loss surgery company with over 97% of patients recommending MBC to a friend.

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Mexico Bariatric Center
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