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Espresso Moon and Smarter Solutions Inc. announce the Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS)

/ (April 2, 2012) Espresso Moon LLC is honored to have been selected as a design and development partner by Smarter Solutions Inc. "SSI", a leader in the field of Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) Systems, Lean Six Sigma, performance reporting, and Balanced Scorecards. Espresso Moon LLC joins SSI to announce the debut of the Enterprise Performance Reporting System (EPRS). This powerful software is now available to produce a clear description of business performance through the use of Lean Six Sigma tools. To give customers a hosting choice, the EPRS is available as a cloud-based SaaS solution or an internally hosted application.

Espresso Moon's team designed and developed the EPRS software for Smarter Solutions to provide the analytical and graphical power needed in an effective scorecard, as described in Forrest Breyfogle's collection of IEE Lean Six Sigma books. The EPRS software acquires data from ERP systems, corporate databases, or Eexcel files to generate reports that are available for viewing with any web browser. The EPRS system generates a performance metric scorecard that is automated to reduce the labor required to maintain current scorecards available on your network.

The EPRS is also flexible in its ability to group and report subsets of performance metrics. Following the Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) system methods, created by Forrest Breyfogle, leads an organization to identify the best performance metrics. The EPRS system allows the adoption of a value chain diagram (graphical interface) for grouping metrics based on their significance within the organization. This allows the creation of specialized scorecards based on the organizational demographics, such as manager, product line, location, or division/department within the organization.

Espresso Moon is a Houston-based software company, founded in 2004, specializing in Web, Lotus and Microsoft technologies.For further information on custom software development please contact Espresso Moon. For information about the EPRS please contact Smarter Solutions.

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