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Krishnan Suthanthiran, TeamBest Global Companies/Best Cure Foundation

Krishnan Suthanthiran, TeamBest Global Companies/Best Cure Foundation

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, June 12, 2024 / -- Two years ago, Krishnan Suthanthiran, President/Founder of TeamBest Global Companies (TBG) and Best Cure Foundation, launched the “Proud Indian Party" (PIP) Think Tank. With the recent elections showcasing the strong democratic roots of India's political system, Suthanthiran aims to revisit and update the goals of

In September 1969, Suthanthiran left India to pursue his graduate studies in Canada at Carleton University in Ottawa. After graduating, he was unable to find suitable employment in Canada and traveled to the U.S. with a Permanent Resident Visa. You can find his full bio at and his latest press release about PIP, dated June 2022, at

The recent elections highlighted extreme poverty, suffering, high youth unemployment, and highly polluted air in major cities, including New Delhi, the capital of India. Additionally, there is a lack of adequate water and affordable sewer systems.

Over the past 40 years, Suthanthiran has tried to address some of these issues, such as achieving huge cost savings on energy, reducing pollution, and improving healthcare and educational services in India. However, he has faced challenges and has experienced significant investment losses of as much as 20 million USD due to corruption and lack of integrity at various levels, including within the government.

For over 10 years, he met with senior executives from ONGC, GAIL, Indian Oil, PETRONE, and even the CEO of Indian Oil, as well as the Central Government Energy Minister in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He offered to solve India's energy and pollution problems. This would allow India to sign contracts with Canadian energy companies for crude oil as low as $35 USD per barrel, and natural gas for less than $2 USD per million BTU to produce LNG and Butanol. This would help reduce high pollution levels in major cities and all over India.

Butanol can be utilized as a substitute for natural gas in gasoline and diesel-burning vehicles, as well as in natural gas power plants, resulting in up to a 60% reduction in pollution. Unlike natural gas, butanol, like ethanol and methane, can be used at 100% fuel. In Russia, this is known as 100-octane fuel and is sold at a lower price than gasoline or diesel. Additionally, butanol can be distributed through the existing gasoline and diesel fuel distributors/stations without requiring any additional space in fuel tanks compared to diesel or gasoline, as opposed to compressed natural gas.

While the Indian Oil CEO, and others in ONGC, GAIL, and PETRONET, as well as the Indian Central Government Energy Minister, were reluctant to work with Suthanthiran's company Kitsault Energy, located in NW British Columbia, Canada, India suffered from the high cost of fuel and food and unbearable pollution and high heat with humidity in major cities.

Indian Oil lost nearly 500 million USD investing in the PETRONAS Project in Prince Rupert, BC, Canada, just south of the Kitsault Energy Project. This was despite warnings from Suthanthiran that the PETRONAS Project would soon be canceled, several years ago, leading to India losing its investments made with PETRONAS.

Despite being independent for 77 years, what stands in the way of India solving its own challenges? Bureaucracy and corruption. These issues are said to be particularly detrimental to the advancement of the large population of highly educated young Indians—nearly 40% of India’s population is 25 and younger—as well as hindering the provision of affordable higher education, good healthcare services, and adequate job opportunities.

Please join PIP and elect the new generation of young Indians in future elections.

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