FmPro Migrator Custom Dev Edition 11.13 Runs Local AI Models with Ollama for 0 Day Data Retention

FmPro Migrator plus Ollama equals privacy

FmPro Migrator plus Ollama equals privacy

Ollama Models Menu Screenshot

Ollama Models Menu Screenshot

Ollama Llama3_7B Code Explanation Example

Ollama Llama3_7B Code Explanation Example

AI Accelerated FmPro Migrator Custom Dev Edition 11.13 migrates legacy code in air gapped computing environments using locally installed Ollama AI models.

Ollama is a perfect solution for customers who are either using “air gapped” computers or simply don’t want their programming code seen by OpenAI or Google when performing code conversion projects.”
— David Simpson

FREMONT, CA, USA, May 21, 2024 / -- .com Solutions Inc. announces the release of FmPro Migrator Dev Edition 11.13 with automated code conversion using Ollama installed AI models. Using LLMs installed within a corporate data center insures that data never ends up outside the high security computing environment.

None of the programming code processed by the Code Conversion Workbench feature of FmPro Migrator is used for model training by either OpenAI or Google. However, both AI providers do retain data for 3 to 30 days for the purpose of safety and security. Some regulated industries require a 0 day retention and this is why Ollama support has been added to FmPro Migrator.

Ollama is a large language model (LLM) management package running on macOS, Windows and Linux. Ollama manages the downloading and serving of open source large language models. When using the Ollama models with FmPro Migrator, all data is processed by the Code Conversion Workbench locally insuring that no data gets sent to outside servers. 

A Tool for Code Understanding

In addition to converting code, these local LLMs can also explain the code in addition to converting it. This is a critical requirement when the original FoxPro developers are no longer available. And sometimes this explanation comes with a sense of humor too. Look at this recent response from the Llama3:7B model:

Explain this Visual FoxPro code 

A blast from the past! Visual FoxPro (VFP) is a classic Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool that was popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s.
Now, let's dive into the code: ...

Google's gemma:2b (3B) model also provides code explanation - but without the sense of humor provided by the larger Llama3:7B model.

FmPro Migrator provides a complete conversion environment including:
* Importing metadata from 3 different database development environments: Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Access and FileMaker Pro.
* Transferring database schema and data from proprietary databases to popular open source and commercial SQL database servers.
* Building GUI forms/reports in a wide range of development environments
* Explaining & converting legacy programming code within the Code Conversion Workbench window of the application.
* Optimized LLM system messages & parameters for code conversion and explanation.
* Manage the automated conversion of hundreds of scripts within an entire project in a single window.
* To-Do list checklist shows project status at a glance.
* Converted code can be copied directly from the Code Conversion Workbench window into new development environments or from saved text files.

Customers who can benefit from running local AI models with Ollama include:
Government Entities
Financial Institutions
HIPPA Compliance/Healthcare Organizations
Confidential Product Development Teams
Public Companies

Multi-user site licenses are also available for FmPro Migrator Custom Dev Edition.

Recent FmPro Migrator Enhancements:
* Added support for Google Gemini 1.5-pro with improved code conversion, lower cost and improved performance compared with OpenAI gpt-4.
* OpenAI gpt-4o models are available by clicking the Refresh models button. gpt-4o includes improved code conversion, lower cost and improved performance compared with OpenAI gpt-4 models.
* Fixed an issue with MySQL to FileMaker imports.
* Fixed an issue with the FmPro Migrator product name not being displayed correctly with some license keys.

The AI Accelerated Custom Dev Edition of FmPro Migrator is available immediately, and includes up to 5M daily AI processing tokens. [Token counts are unlimited when using Ollama hosted models.] Also included with this edition is the conversion of up to 5000 forms/reports/layouts into GUI conversion projects.

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