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Elder Voice Advocates Teams with Vectara to Enhance Incident Document Summarization and Provide Transparency Using GenAI

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Elder Voice Advocates

Vectara’s GenAI platform aids in the distillation and discovery of incident reporting, enabling families to make informed decisions about care services.

Being a part of helping our elders and their families successfully traverse the lengthy and complicated incident reporting process to ensure the best outcomes for elder care has been an honor.”
— Shawn Clink, Vectara’s Head of Strategic Sales
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2024 / -- Vectara, the Trusted Generative AI Product Platform, and Elder Voice Advocates, a non-profit initiative in Minnesota, have entered into a commercial agreement to leverage LLM-powered search and generation to power its ElderCareIQ smart search. Elder Voice Advocates focuses on improving elder care services by providing detailed insights and transparency about elder care facilities, including incidents and public data sources. The portal offers information on various care options and incident reports.

The challenge that the Elder Voice Advocate team faced was largely due to limitations in efficiently searching and summarizing the breadth and complexity of the detailed reports, a crucial need for families and individuals making informed decisions about elder care. The organization needed to enhance the ElderCareIQ platform functionality to allow users to easily access, navigate, and understand complex incident reports without being overwhelmed by data. With core users being primarily non-technical individuals or busy family members, Elder Voice Advocates required capabilities to quickly understand the care facility's history and quality without sifting through lengthy documents without investing in building a large data science or machine learning team.

Elder Voice Advocates collaborated with Vectara to integrate advanced LLM search and AI-driven summarization capabilities into their ElderCareIQ user experience. This integration aimed to enable hybrid search and generate concise summaries of detailed incident reports (45-100 page documents), thereby making the platform more user-friendly, accurate, and effective. Another goal of the project was to improve the platform for use on mobile devices, which benefited from the nature of conversational search.

The integration involved embedding Vectara’s Generative AI technology to summarize extensive incident reports into digestible summaries. The upgraded user experience now allows all visitors to perform detailed searches on specific incidents, like slips or accidents, using natural language queries in over 100 languages/dialects. This feature not only enhances the user experience by providing quick and relevant information, but also increases the platform's overall efficacy in delivering crucial data to its users.

“Generative AI has the potential to help thousands of seniors and people with disabilities, caregivers, and families better navigate the care options available by leveraging the vast amount of public data in a consumable manner,” commented Scott Zerby, Board Member of Elder Voice Advocates. “Trust in generative responses is also front of mind due to the sensitive nature of elder care choices.”

The AI-enhanced search and summarization tools empower users to make more informed decisions quickly, reflecting the non-profit's commitment to transparency and quality care. This application exemplifies how leveraging AI can transform public service platforms to meet users' needs better. The ElderCareIQ initiative has set a precedent for how non-profits can use technology to enhance service delivery and impact. This complex project showcased the potential of AI to make significant differences in the healthcare and public welfare sector, particularly in elder care.

“Being a part of helping our elders and their families successfully traverse the lengthy and complicated incident reporting process to ensure the best outcomes for elder care has been an honor,” said Shawn Clink, Vectara’s Head of Strategic Sales. “Vectara’s GenAI platform continues to show how this advanced AI technology can shape the world of assisted living and healthcare.”

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