Fasoo Launches FC-BR to Safeguard Valuable Data Against Ransomware Threats and Potential Loss

Fasoo - a leader in data-centric security

BETHESDA, MD, USA, May 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Fasoo, a leader in data-centric security, is pleased to announce the launch of FC-BR (Fasoo Content Backup and Recovery), a solution that focuses on the backup and restoration of individual documents to help prevent data loss from ransomware attacks, mistakes, or negligence. It helps customers increase backup efficiency and reduces costs by setting backup targets according to the importance of documents.

“Organizations need to protect against data loss through ransomware, user and system errors, but are also concerned about cost, efficiency, and utility,” said Ron Arden, Executive Vice President, CTO and COO at Fasoo. “FC-BR can significantly improve document security and management capabilities while reducing costs by increasing backup and restoration efficiency.”

Ransomware attacks, which cost money, resources, and corporate competitiveness, are expanding to target organizations and industries of all sizes. Data loss due to employee or system errors and breakdowns continues to occur, making data backup and restoration measures an essential task.

FC-BR provides systematic data management and security in conjunction with Fasoo Enterprise DRM (FED), which protects sensitive data regardless of location. It overcomes the shortcomings of existing commercial backup solutions and reduces costs through excellent backup efficiency. FC-BR allows organizations to automatically categorize documents by department, user, document extension, FED document security levels, or classifications set by Fasoo Data Radar (FDR). It’s real-time backup safeguards target documents automatically as users create and save them.

Documents remain persistently secure throughout their lifecycle. FC-BR boasts excellent efficiency compared to existing backup solutions that back up all documents randomly, exponentially increasing storage capacity and costs.

Based on Fasoo’s proprietary MLB (Micro Log Block) technology, storage capacity is greatly reduced by precisely classifying duplicate documents and minimizing duplicate storage.

FC-BR also provides powerful administrator functions for backup data so that it can be used for auditing purposes rather than simple data collection. Administrators can check document attribute information and history such as who backed up or restored specific files, when and where, making it easier to delete unnecessary files. FC-BR also provides a file preview function, allowing administrators to efficiently check for illegally collected data or files that are out of compliance without installing or downloading a separate application. For more information, visit https://en.fasoo.com/products/fasoo-content-backup-and-recovery/

About Fasoo:
Fasoo provides unstructured data security, privacy, and enterprise content platforms that securely protect, control, trace, analyze and share critical business information while enhancing productivity. Fasoo’s continuous focus on customer innovation and creativity provides market-leading solutions to the challenges faced by organizations of all sizes and industries. For more information, please visit https://en.fasoo.com/ or contact Sonia Awan, PR for Fasoo, at soniaawanpr@gmail.com

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