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Carrie Cares on their mission to alleviate hardships community members face through the power of generosity from donors


Paving the way

Carrie Cares: An Organization Dedicated to Serving the Community with Love and Dignity.

DRESHER, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2024 / -- Carrie Cares Inc., a non-profit organization, is proud to announce its mission to serve others with dignity, respect, and love. Founded on the principles of helping those who are facing hardships in the community, they believe that every individual deserves to be treated with respect, and love, regardless of their circumstances. With a strong determination to alleviate hardships faced by community members, Carrie Cares has stepped up and has been actively working towards the goal of making a positive impact in the lives of individuals, and families in need, within the society. They understand that many individuals are struggling with food insecurity and homelessness, and they are committed to serving them with the same level of compassion and thoughtfulness as they would their own families.

Carrie Cares aims to provide not just necessities but also emotional support to those in need, creating a sense of belonging and empowerment. Since its inception, each community member served also receives a card of affirmation made by “Carrie’s Kids”. These cards are specially crafted to extend their love beyond just a meal and remind them that they are valued members of the community.

Carrie Cares takes pride in serving freshly prepared meals with quality ingredients. Their team of volunteers works tirelessly to ensure that each meal is made with love and care – from preparation to delivery. In addition to tackling food insecurity and homelessness, Carrie Cares also provides other services (like a unisex logo T-shirt, Logo Tote Bag, and more). Carrie Cares Inc. and the team have been working tirelessly since its inception, providing support and assistance to those who are most vulnerable in the community. They have been able to provide meals, clothing, and other necessities to individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. Their efforts have brought hope and comfort to many families facing difficult times.

Carrie Cares has been conducting its operations from homes. However, as the demand for their services continues to grow and the organization continues to grow rapidly, due to its growing number of clients, so does their need for a dedicated space, and they have found themselves quickly outgrowing their space. To continue expanding. Carrie Cares has inspired themselves to embark on a new fundraising campaign – "Paving the way to 50K" they are in hopes to raise 50K by the end of this year to purchase their first brick and mortar location.

Our Goal
To restore hope by providing essential resources and creating a sense of community among those who are struggling."We believe it's not just about providing food, but also about showing kindness and empathy towards those who may be struggling," "We want each person we serve to feel valued and cared for,” and "Our goal is not just to feed people today but also uplift them for tomorrow. We believe that everyone deserves love and compassion, regardless of their circumstances."

Our Mission
By sponsoring community outreach events through the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors, we can begin to alleviate the hardships that community members face.Carrie Cares Inc. was founded in honor of Carrie Victoria Quarles who was born on July 4, 1911, to William and Cordelia Rhoades Quarles in Lunenburg County, Virginia.

At Carrie Cares our unique approach sets us apart from other nonprofit organizations because our focus is on providing a full freshly prepared platter accompanied with multiple snacks and drinks.

The initiative is already making an impact in the community, with many recipients expressing their gratitude towards Carrie Cares for not only providing nourishment but also spreading kindness.

The simple gesture of giving someone a hearty meal can make all the difference in their day and give them hope for a brighter. Our hope is that not only your stomach will be full, but your heart as well.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of the people around us who need it the most.

Natasha Carter
Carrie Cares
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