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Aeroauto Global and CE+T America Electrify the Future of Advanced Air Mobility

A CE+T Charging Unit

Aeroauto Global and CE+T America Propel Advanced Air Mobility into the Future with Worldwide Vertiport Development Partnership

Our collaboration is not just about building vertiports; it's about shaping the future of transportation”
— Mr. Mario Barbaresso

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2024 / -- In an electrifying collaboration set to redefine the skies, Aeroauto Global, a world's leading expert in eVTOL and advanced air mobility, has joined forces with CE+T America, a global leader in cutting-edge power solutions, to spearhead the development of vertiports worldwide. This groundbreaking partnership, marked by the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) in February 2024, is poised to revolutionize mobile transportation, propelling us into a future where the sky is not the limit; it's the destination.

Vertiports, the next frontier in Advanced Air Mobility, are poised to become bustling hubs where Aeroauto Global's eVTOL vehicles will seamlessly take flight. The LOI signed in February paves the way for an immediate commencement of services, catapulting them into a new era of efficient, sustainable, and exhilarating transportation.

Mr. Sean Borman, the CEO of Aeroauto Global, expressed his excitement, exclaiming, "This partnership with CE+T America is a leap forward for Aeroauto Global and Advanced Air Mobility. We're not just building vertiports; we're creating gateways to the future, and the future is now!"

CE+T America, a leading technology innovator, brings resilient, intelligent electrical power generation, storage, and energy management solutions to the partnership. Mr. Mario Barbaresso, CEO of CE+T America, shared his enthusiasm: "We are thrilled to collaborate with Aeroauto Global in helping them modernize and install high-powered electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) charging systems to meet the challenges of aircraft vertiport infrastructure projects. Our latest generation of modular Watt2Go transportable microgrids storage platform approach, allowing for scalability and flexibility in adapting to different eVTOL models and battery technologies, will minimize the time Aeroauto Global's eVTOLs spend on the ground between flights.

Use Case Examples for eVTOL Vehicles in Vertiports:

1. Sky Commuting Hub: Vertiports will serve as centralized hubs for commuters, providing a swift and efficient transition between ground transportation and eVTOL flights for a seamless daily commute.

2. Logistics Hub: CE+T America's energy solutions will power the vertiports' passenger and cargo handling systems, streamlining logistics for swift and sustainable deliveries.

3. Tourism Gateway: Vertiports will become tourist attractions in themselves, offering a thrilling experience for sightseeing enthusiasts with Aeroauto Global eVTOLs providing breathtaking aerial views of cities.

4. Emergency Response Hub: In times of crisis, vertiports equipped with Aeroauto Global eVTOLs can facilitate rapid response by transporting emergency personnel and supplies swiftly to critical locations.

5. Air Taxi Terminal: Vertiports will serve as terminals for Aeroauto Global's air taxis, allowing users to conveniently access on-demand air travel for faster and stress-free transportation within cities.

CE+T America's technological advancements will play a pivotal role in the vertiport infrastructure. From innovative energy storage solutions to cutting-edge power generation and energy management electronics, these technologies will not only make vertiports efficient but also environmentally friendly, contributing to the vision of a greener and smarter future.

In a statement, Mr. Barbaresso highlighted CE+T America's commitment to driving technological advancements in Advanced Air Mobility: "Our collaboration with Aeroauto Global is not just about building vertiports; it's about shaping the future of transportation. CE+T America's energy solutions will power the eVTOLs of tomorrow, making Advanced Air Mobility more accessible and sustainable boosting the evolution of Advanced Air Mobility."

Vertiports: A Global Center of Excellence for Advanced Air Mobility
This partnership envisions vertiports not just as infrastructure but as a Global Center of Excellence for Advanced Air Mobility. As vertiports proliferate worldwide, they will not only be hubs for Aeroauto Global's eVTOLs but also centers for research, innovation, and education in the field of Advanced Air Mobility.

In conclusion, the Aeroauto Global and CE+T America partnership is not just about building vertiports; it's about building the future. The LOI signed in February 2024 is a testament to the immediate action and excitement surrounding this collaboration. As vertiports take shape around the globe, they will not only redefine the way we travel but also represent a beacon of progress, sustainability, and innovation in Advanced Air Mobility.
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About CE+T America:

CE+T America, founded in 2008, is a leading American technology company headquartered in Suwanee Georgia. The company designs, develops, manufactures, and sells a range of cost effective, power generation and backup storage solutions integrated with renewable energy resources helping mission critical businesses and enterprises reduce electricity costs, as well as respecting the environment. In addition to a lower energy acquisition cost, our innovative power balancing energy management systems allow our clients to adjust settings to align to performance and power savings tradeoffs to their specific needs.

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