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The Shockingly Good Valyou Furniture ASMR Album by Altered State

ASMR Unboxing Album

Valyou Unboxed Album

In their latest project "Valyou Unboxed," Altered State Productions' sound studio produces a hair-raising tingling ASMR soundscape

Inspired by the packaging and fulfillment of Valyou Furniture products, our initiative was to create what that could sound like for the first time ever.”
— Eddie Castillo
LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2024 / -- Branding sound studio, Altered State Productions, in partnership with leading furniture store Valyou, announces the release of "Valyou Unboxed," a groundbreaking sound design project that captures the essence of unboxing. Led by Producer Cristian Mercado, Director Eddie Castillo, and Sound Designer Charlie Flint, this venture encapsulates Valyou Furniture's unique product packaging and fulfillment experience.

“Valyou Unboxed" provides an immersive auditory experience, featuring the subtle yet distinct sounds of unboxing, including tape unwinding, straps snipping, and the rustle of foam and bubble wrap. Highlights include "Bubble Wrap Follic," with its rhythmic bubble wrap pops, and "Cardboard Flip," which offers the crisp sounds of cardboard unfolding. "Finger Foam Foxtrot" provides soft foam touches, while "Metal Legs Montuno" delivers clear metallic clicks. The album peaks with "Putting it All Together," an ambiance of assembly noises. Each track is thoughtfully created, leading listeners through a calming, tactile world of unboxing and building furniture.

Valyōu Furniture, a leading brand in the designer furniture industry, originated in Hawaii in 2018. Valyōu has been considered the fastest-growing platform in the e-commerce furniture industry. Founded by Shaul Rappaport and Ephraim Bisk,
Valyōu strives to inspire and assist everyone in creating spaces that enable them to live their best lives, offering on-trend and on-demand designs.

Emerging from a passion for iconic furniture, Valyōu collaborates with top designers to transform dream pieces into reality for every home.Today, the Valyōu Marketplace connects customers with the world’s finest brands, showcasing the latest designs and trends. This platform provides a unique shopping experience, offering the most extensive selection of designer furniture in one place.

With its growing online presence and showrooms in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Honolulu, and Kapolei, Valyōu has established a significant presence both online and offline. To cater to its target audience—millennials who appreciate unique and modern products—Valyou has now aligned with their content preferences. The e-commerce brand believes in being part of their community, not just selling to it, and is therefore catering to the types of satisfying and eargasmic media that their customers stream on YouTube.

The sound design for "Valyou Unboxed" features unique assets crafted to elevate the sound design field. The quintessence of ASMR triggers, said Eddie Castillo, Chief Marketing Officer. Each sound was carefully edited and mixed to ensure a hair-raising, tingle-inducing experience, designed to trigger sleep and relaxation.

“It’s so easy to just go online and see Valyou completely dominate the visual space with their beautiful set design imagery and photos,” Castillo added. “But people tend to forget that audio is just as powerful as visuals. Inspired by the packaging and fulfillment of Valyou Furniture products, our initiative was to create what that could sound like for the first time ever.

This sound collection not only offers an ASMR experience but also highlights the detailed artistry of sound design and sonic branding. Distributed across over 50 platforms globally, "Valyou Unboxed" is available on major streaming services like Spotify, Amazon, iHeartRadio, and Apple Music, ensuring widespread accessibility and monetization.

This initiative, led by the award-winning composer Charlie Flint, allows creators to earn royalties while maintaining full copyright ownership. The integration of UPC & ISRC codes maximizes royalty tracking and returns."Valyou Unboxed" is an essential resource for content creators seeking specialized sound effects that embody the unboxing experience. It provides a variety of high-quality, ready-to-use sound effects, enhancing the sensory experience for audiences and offering valuable assets for creative projects.

The album, available to stream online, features sounds that emulate the soothing experience of unboxing beautiful items, one sound at a time. To explore more, visit

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