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Shane Krauser Qualifies for Gilbert Mayoral Ballot

Shane Krauser is an experienced trial attorney, former adjunct professor of constitutional and criminal law, and current candidate for Gilbert mayor.

GILBERT, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2024 / -- Shane Krauser has officially qualified for placement on the ballot for the Gilbert mayoral race.

Saddled by numerous supporters on April 1, 2024, Krauser submitted well over the required 1000 signatures to the Town Clerk, and he now moves one step closer to securing victory on the scheduled primary date of July 30, 2024.

“I am so thankful for my wife, Janelle, and our children and for the countless individuals in Gilbert, throughout Arizona, and even across the country who have supported this effort, this vision, and this entire journey to bring about a better future. I have high hopes that we can create a model right here in Gilbert for the rest of the country to follow,” said Shane Krauser.

The town of Gilbert, located about 25 miles southeast of Phoenix proper, finds itself in the midst of a number of concerns that have far-reaching effects, and crime is one of them.

Krauser, a former violent crimes prosecutor and adjunct professor of constitutional and criminal law, brings a wealth of experience in dealing with crime.

“Our community has found itself in the national spotlight as we’ve dealt with a wave of teen violence,” said Shane Krauser, “and I intend to bring my experience as a prosecutor to the table to deter thugs from even coming into our town and to hold criminals responsible who choose to victimize members of our community.”

In addition to crime, the town is navigating issues pertaining to infrastructure, taxation, property rights, government transparency, and an ever-growing, expanding government, and that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg that the people appear to be concerned about.

Krauser has rallied the people of Gilbert with a compelling message that resonates and has inspired people to support his campaign.

Krauser takes a firm position that it is not the government’s job to solve every problem in the community. “Instead, churches, charities, and private enterprise historically do a much better job at solving many of society’s issues than the government ever could. I want to open a welcoming door to those entities that are better situated to help our community move forward,” said Shane Krauser.

Krauser’s core governing philosophy is one that has the ability to bring people together regardless of their political affiliation.

“I believe the government should leave people alone, that they should follow the rule of law, and the people should keep what they earn. What is clear is that the people are demanding these core values in my town and throughout America,” noted Shane Krauser, a married father of six.

Krauser will now enter the most important phase of his campaign.

He intends to mount an aggressive sign campaign. However, Shane Krauser believes that “more important than a sign campaign is meeting the people and making the case as to why I am the town’s best option for mayor.”

He has multiple “meet and greets” and public gatherings planned weekly going into election day, and Krauser believes that if his plan is executed with precision and his message reaches the people, “our best days are ahead.”

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