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Start-Up Guardis Revolutionizes Retail with an eCommerce Mindset for Local Shops

Company Enhances Traditional Retail Tools with Advanced AI, Bringing E-Commerce Strategy to Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Guardis is about unlocking that potential, using AI to transform these tools into something powerful that can truly change how we run our stores.”
— Shrey Patel
ST LOUIS, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2024 / -- Guardis, a start-up founded by St. Louis's own Shrey Patel, announces a game-changing platform poised to redefine small and mid-size retail operations. Leveraging existing in-store technologies such as security cameras and POS systems, Guardis integrates advanced AI and machine learning to offer unparalleled insights into customer behavior, inventory management, and loss prevention. This innovative approach addresses common retail challenges such as shrinkage, employee theft, and in-store layout and operational inefficiencies.

By repurposing the technology already in stores, Guardis presents a cost-effective solution for local retailers to combat challenges like shrinkage and employee theft while enhancing store optimization. This unique strategy effectively brings the analytics and operational mindset of e-commerce to the physical retail space, enabling businesses to thrive in a competitive market with improved sales and heightened customer satisfaction.

Shrey Patel's deep connections to the St. Louis retail community and his experience in the industry have fueled Guardis's mission to empower local businesses. "Working in my family's stores, I saw the potential in the technology we already had," Patel recalls. "Guardis is about unlocking that potential, using AI to transform these tools into something powerful that can truly change how we run our stores."

"Growing up in St. Louis, helping out in my family's retail stores, I've seen the challenges local retailers face first-hand," Patel shared. "Guardis is our answer to those challenges, bringing the kind of insights and efficiencies that big online retailers have right to our local stores."

Early adopters have already seen remarkable benefits. Dhaval Patel from Crazy Deals shared, "Implementing Guardis has been a revelation. We've tackled inventory loss head-on and optimized our store layout based on real customer behavior insights, significantly increasing sales."

Guardis is a testament to Shrey's vision of combining traditional retail's warmth with modern technology's analytical power.

The story of Guardis is not just about a business filling a gap in the market; it's about empowering the local retail community to thrive in an increasingly digital economy. It's a story of how one company can make a profound difference in small and mid-size retailers' day-to-day operations, helping them secure their place in the future of commerce.

About Guardis
Based in St. Louis, Guardis transforms small and mid-size retail businesses with AI-driven enhancements to existing store technologies. Founded by entrepreneur Shrey Patel, Guardis merges the analytical depth of e-commerce with the tangible physical retail experience, offering solutions for improved security, detailed customer insights, and operational efficiency. This approach helps local retailers bridge the gap between traditional retail and digital commerce strategies.

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