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How New Information Can Help Families Considering Student Loans

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Preview postgrad budget

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Visually compare colleges

Comparing college costs, future earnings and cost of living can help students preview their postgrad lifestyle.

We’re providing financial visibility that the previous generation of student loan borrowers didn’t have.”
— Gage Mersereau
NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2024 / -- Students now have more information available to avoid letting student debt dictate their plans beyond college.

Colleges report how much graduates earn by major. Compare this alongside each city’s cost of living and student loan payments to understand if student loans will impact postgrad plans.

Student loans can feel abstract when you’re young, just a number on a paper. However, the weight of this decision crystallizes for many during the years after college.

GradBetter helps students make more informed decisions about where and what they study. This information isn’t going to solve student loans, but it does show how college costs, graduate earnings and cost of living might delay buying a home, starting a family or launching a business.

To streamline access and enhance privacy, GradBetter provides access to over 2,750 2 and 4-year colleges without logging in. For students planning on student loan forgiveness, John Oliver of Last Week Tonight sheds light on the difficulty graduates are experiencing.

GradBetter recently extended free use of their financial aid comparison and appeal tools, providing families with another resource to lower student loans.

To help families more accurately compare colleges across the country, GradBetter adjusts graduate earnings for cost of living. Data reported by colleges in the College Scorecard does not. As argued by Doug Williams in Inside Higher Ed, by the College Scorecard making “no adjustment for where those graduates live, it ends up providing misleading information about how successful the graduates of different colleges are.”

GradBetter has worked closely with counselors and emphasizes data visualization to simplify concepts and engage students in their future.

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