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Sylvie Beljanski, President of The Beljanski Foundation, Shares Insights into Kate, Princess of Wales' Cancer Diagnosis

Sylvie Beljanski

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 4, 2024 / -- When Catherine, Princess of Wales, disclosed her battle with cancer, it caused considerable surprise as the affliction typically affects older individuals, not otherwise healthy 42-year-olds, says Sylvie Beljanski, President of The Beljanski Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to funding cancer research using natural compounds. Nonetheless, while breast cancer remains the most common for people under 50, researchers have been increasingly alarmed by the rising incidence of other cancers among younger adults in the US, Western Europe, and Australia, particularly noting a significant surge in gastrointestinal cancers—such as those of the colon, pancreas, liver, and esophagus. “COVID-19 claims do not fully explain the increase,” concludes a Society of Actuaries report, as insurance claims reveal that among working people 35 to 44 years old, a stunning 34% more died than expected in the last quarter of 2022, a loss of life comparable to wartime or terrorist events.

Rising living standards and medical advances through the 20th century have made it possible for people in wealthy countries to live longer and with a better quality of life. So, the question arises: why, in the few recent years, are the traditionally healthiest members of our society—young, employed, insured workers—experiencing such elevated mortality rates? According to Beljanski, various factors have been suggested, from environmental pollutants and ultra-processed foods to pharmaceuticals and microplastics, yet concrete evidence remains elusive. Furthermore, federal health authorities vehemently refuted claims linking COVID-19 vaccines to cancer, dismissing them as "quite implausible" and "misleading."

Beljanski says, a similar trend can be observed with a growing number of people too sick to report to work. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of American adults considered unable to work grew by more than 3.5 million since January 2020, with 1.5 million added just in the first nine months of this year.(1) While the insurance industry sounds the alarm, government agencies seem indifferent, as evidenced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's decision in September to archive its excess deaths webpage with a statement indicating it would no longer be updated.

As Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert Califf is taking to X to mourn the “catastrophic” decline in U.S. life expectancy, prevention has become more important than ever. "Ceasing smoking, moderating alcohol consumption, adopting a balanced diet, and investing in quality water filtration are crucial initial steps," asserts Beljanski. "Education about gut health and about certain botanicals that have demonstrated the ability to inhibit a broad spectrum of cancer cells without adverse effects is paramount," she adds.

The Beljanski Foundation is currently sponsoring a research initiative targeting breast cancer stem cells with a unique blend of Pao pereira, rauwolfia, and green tea extracts, conducted at Kansas University Medical Center, with publication expected next year.

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Sylvie Beljanski is the author of “Winning The War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure” (Morgan James Publisher):

1. Excess deaths 26.5% higher this year among younger adults, Mar. 28, 2024

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