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Betty Evans’ “The World’s Greatest Possum Trainer,” Makes Learning Fun

Betty Evans, a Major in the United States Civil Air Patrol, and a member of the Vintage Flying Museum in Fort Worth, Texas

During a past book signing event, author Betty Evans signs a book for one of her former second graders, Luke Lane.

Little Bit, Miss Sassy, the head goat, and Mike and Fred, the rascally raccoons, meet to talk about how to deal with the sneaky possum that has invaded Spot's Goat Farm.

Little Bit confronts the sneaky possum under the house only to find herself stuck and crying for help.

Esteemed author Betty A. Evans proudly announces the release of her beloved children's book, "The World's Greatest Possum Trainer."

Little Bit was rescued as a puppy and became one of the best pups with whom we have ever shared a home. Her adventures on the farm were just too good to not write about.”
— Betty A. Evans

MONTICELLO, ARKANSAS, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2024 / -- Featuring an all-new cover design. This captivating tale, now under Betty's own imprint, Betty's Editorial Press, continues to charm audiences.

"The World’s Greatest Possum Trainer" penned by Betty A. Evans recounts the remarkable journey of an ugly puppy who, after being rescued by Mama and finding a home on Spot’s Goat Farm, discovers her true calling as a goat dog and possum trainer.

Little Bit, a scruffy pup with a heart of gold, There, Little Bit blossoms into a first-rate goat dog, a loyal companion, and – wait for it – the world's greatest possum trainer! Little Bit shares her experiences of friendship, learning, and the importance of listening. She listens to an old nanny goat, Sassy, that teaches her how to be a goat dog and how to make certain that she becomes Papa’s best paw friend. A couple of rascally raccoons, Mike and Fred, help her out with a sneaky possum when she was found. and a fat beagle becomes her ever present partner. Join in the fun and adventure as Little Bit becomes The World’s Greatest Possum Trainer!

Betty Evans’ “The World’s Greatest Possum Trainer” is a heartwarming story, narrated by Little Bit herself. Who wouldn’t want to listen to a cute pup that oddly looked like a possum when she was found. Get ready to be charmed by Little Bit, the most peculiar hero you'll ever meet, in Betty Evans' tail-wagging adventure. It is also filled with delightful illustrations that bring the story to life.

Author Betty A. Evans, a retired second-grade teacher and former newspaper editor, is delighted to announce the release of her charming children's book, “The World's Greatest Possum Trainer." Evans encourages teachers to use her book as an effective learning tool in the learning environment. By integrating tales into the curriculum, educators can pique students' interest and create meaningful conversations. "The World's Greatest Possum Trainer" not only entertains but also teaches children significant moral and scholastic principles, stimulating critical and creative thinking. Through collaborative activities and guided discovery, teachers can use storytelling to establish important values in their pupils and inspire a love of learning.

Betty Evans shares the inspiration behind her book, “The World’s Greatest Possum Trainer is mostly a true story, because Little Bit, the goats, raccoons, and the sneaky possum were all real animals on our farm. Because they all talked, it had to be listed under fiction. However, children of all ages can relate to the animals and connect with their experiences. Teachers can teach basic economic concepts, grammar, mechanics, and science lessons. Parents and grandparents can enjoy the fun of reading to their young children, using different voices for each animal that speaks. Overall, The World’s Greatest Possum Trainer is a book that can be a learning tool, as well as a fun book to read and enjoy.”

This is perfect for parents, teachers, young learners, and other bookworms seeking engaging and educational literature, will find "The World's Greatest Possum Trainer" to be a delightful addition to their home library. It offers a captivating storyline and vibrant illustrations, that will surely be a favorite for bedtime reading, storytelling, and family bonding.

"Other stories are in the works about the adventures of Little Bit and all the other critters that helped to make Spot's Goat Farm an exceptional and great place to live.”

Grab a copy of Betty Evans’ book, “The World’s Greatest Possum Trainer,” and discover how an ordinary dog becomes extraordinary, warming the hearts of both her owners and readers. For more information about "The World's Greatest Possum Trainer" and author Betty A. Evans, hop on over to her website:

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Betty Evans shares "The World's Greatest Possum Trainer" with Kate Delaney