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Transforming challenges into opportunities with AI in the workspace, join our podcast for tips

Idea of AI enslaving humans as batteries? Sounds like someone's been binging too much on Matrix or Terminator! Machines don't crave the feel of hands on their CPUs, they crave data. It's efficiency.”
— Calv Lim, CEO UW InsureTech
LAGOS, NIGERIA, March 25, 2024 / -- Get ready to explore the cutting-edge world of artificial intelligence with An Hour With A Manager Podcast, a global podcast that dives deep into the latest AI advancements, ethical implications, and the ways AI is transforming our world.

Key Highlights

Our host: Ubong Mathew features interviews with leading AI researchers, industry innovators, and thought leaders shaping the future of this transformative technology.

Expert Guests:

Calv Lim is a seasoned professional with over two decades of illustrious experience in the Technology and insurance industry, specializing in the intricate realm of Artificial Intelligence. Recognized globally for his remarkable contributions, Calv has earned prestigious awards for his groundbreaking innovations within the insurance sector. His profound expertise and trailblazing initiatives have not only redefined the industry's landscape but have also garnered him accolades that resonate on a global scale.

Rohith K. R. is a serial entrepreneur turned intrapreneur with rich experience in the Engineering Industry. Compassionate salesman, business developer & operation specialist credited with growing organizations from startups to multi-million revenue companies. A promoter of the online marketplace, a strong believer in community development for solving problems that involve human connection.

Highly skilled in developing new business verticals, and GTM strategy, thrive in a fast-paced startup environment, and extremely focused on building, measuring & monitoring key metrics of performance. Rich experience in handling large & complex accounts and programs involving big team sizes from diverse backgrounds.

Diverse Topics:

Transforming challenges into opportunities with AI in the workspace, covers a wide range of AI-related subjects, including machine learning, natural language processing and the societal impacts of AI.
Engaging Format: The podcast's conversational style and in-depth discussions make complex AI concepts accessible and thought-provoking for listeners of all backgrounds.

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Where to Listen:
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About An Hour With A Manager Podcast:
The podcast aims to educate its audience on good managerial tips in an organization or business, staying up to date with administrative tools/tips and software, and providing an easy way to gain success.

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