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MoodRx Revolutionizes College Mental Health Support with Comprehensive, No-Cost Services

Free Online Student Assessments, Free Mental health Trend Reports, Therapists Available Nationally for Student Referrals, Free Case Management Software

ST. PETERSBURG, FL, USA, March 21, 2024 / -- In an innovative and philanthropic endeavor,, led by visionary founder and CEO Kruti Quazi, a licensed therapist with an illustrious career in college mental health care, announces its decision to offer comprehensive mental health services and technological solutions at no cost to colleges across the United States. Leveraging her significant experience as Director of Counseling Centers at prestigious institutions such as Valley Forge Military Academy & College and Rosemont College, Quazi has developed a keen insight into the complex challenges faced by college counseling services today, ranging from budgetary constraints to the pervasive stigma around mental health issues.

Kruti Quazi, reflecting on her extensive experience, observes, "The unique pressures of the college environment make it a particularly challenging yet vital front for mental health professionals. It is against this backdrop that MoodRx is proud to extend our innovative suite of services and resources to colleges nationwide, aiming to support and enhance the vital work of college counseling centers in promoting student mental health and well-being."

Comprehensive Services Designed for Impact:

Free Innovative Clinical Assessments: MoodRx prioritizes privacy and security, offering self-assessments that allow students and staff to gauge their mental health status confidentially. This initiative is designed to empower individuals with knowledge and encourage early intervention and care.

Free Insightful Mental Health Trends Analysis: With a commitment to data-driven solutions, MoodRx will provide colleges with detailed quarterly analyses of mental health trends derived from anonymized assessment data. These insights will aid in strategic decision-making, enhancing mental health awareness and tailoring interventions to meet the community's needs effectively.

Referral Services and Personalized Consultation: Recognizing the increased demand for mental health services in the aftermath of the pandemic, the MoodRx Therapy Network, featuring licensed therapists across 23 states, offers a referral service complemented by free 15-minute consultations for students. This initiative aims to augment existing counseling center services, providing a robust support network for students requiring specialized care. Therapy session fees are charged directly to the students unless a college optionally buys therapy sessions in advance for their students/staff as a benefit.

Free Advanced Practice Management Platform: Tailored specifically for college counseling centers, MoodRx's innovative platform simplifies administrative tasks, including scheduling, electronic health records management, and HIPAA-compliant communication. This allows counseling center staff to focus on delivering high-quality care to students, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

MoodRx's service offering is further expanded with orientation workshops, real-time mental health trend reports, and strategic partnerships for students requiring advanced care levels. By providing these comprehensive resources, MoodRx aims to create a supportive and accessible mental health ecosystem for college students.

Kruti Quazi extends a heartfelt message to college counseling centers, stating, "Our admiration for the work you do in nurturing student mental health is boundless. MoodRx aspires to be a valuable ally in your efforts, enhancing the support available to students and easing the administrative and staffing load on your teams."

An Open Invitation to Collaboration:

MoodRx warmly invites colleges to take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity by reaching out before the April 25, 2024, deadline. Interested institutions will be introduced to the full array of MoodRx benefits through a detailed live teleconference, followed by a memorandum of understanding to streamline service integration.

This initiative marks a significant milestone in MoodRx's mission to improve mental health support within the educational sector, emphasizing the importance of accessible, comprehensive mental health services in fostering a supportive and inclusive college environment.

About MoodRx:
Under the leadership of Kruti Quazi, is pioneering advancements in mental health support, merging state-of-the-art technology with expert care to meet the complex needs of today's college students. MoodRx's mission is to transform mental health care in educational settings by offering a suite of services designed to complement and enhance the efforts of college counseling centers, ensuring students receive the support they need to thrive.

For Additional Information:
Colleges interested in exploring MoodRx's innovative services or arranging a demonstration are encouraged to contact MoodRx promptly. This initiative represents a unique opportunity to enhance mental health support services, providing students with the resources they need to navigate the challenges of college life successfully.

Please contact MoodRx via email at:

This comprehensive initiative by MoodRx underscores a deep commitment to supporting mental health within the college environment. By offering these services at no cost, MoodRx is setting a new standard for mental health support, ensuring that colleges have the resources they need to provide comprehensive care to their students. The vision behind this initiative is not just to address the immediate needs of college students but to foster a culture of understanding, acceptance, and proactive care for mental health that will resonate across campuses nationwide. Through collaboration and innovation, MoodRx and participating colleges aim to create a healthier, more resilient student body equipped to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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