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FocalScope Helps Singapore Flyer Elevate Customer Engagement to New Heights

FocalScope. Elevate quality of agent-customer communications, Seamless cloud implementation with no service downtime, and scale operations as you grow with modular expansions.

Key features that allow FocalScope to help Singapore Flyer boost customer communications.

Since implementing FocalScope, our team performance has improved by 50%.   FocalScope has streamlined our workflows, boosting both productivity and efficiency. This has been achieved by shifting the focus from individual efforts to the collective strength

Testimonial from General Manager of Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer saw a 20% Increase in Number of Tickets Processed, a 30% Increase in Customer Satisfaction, and a 50% Customer Support Productivity Improvement.

After Singapore Flyer implemented FocalScope, their customer support productivity has improved by 50%.

FocalScope’s secure and reliable integrated telephony and email platform helps boosts customer engagement for Singapore Flyer.

We are seeing the triple benefit of better customer experience, increased sales, and reduced human resource cost from implementing FocalScope's telephony solution.”
— Ringo Leung (General Manager, Singapore Flyer)
SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, March 21, 2024 / -- The Singapore Flyer is one of the most eye-catching landmarks of the Singapore skyline and is a must-visit destination for all visitors. Standing at 165 metres tall, it ranks as one of the world’s largest observation wheels. Since its opening in 2008, the Singapore Flyer has attracted millions of visitors with its varied in-capsule experiences, offering unique and unobstructed views across three countries – Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Singapore saw 13.6 million international visitor arrivals in 2023, signalling a robust recovery of the tourism industry from the COVID-19 slump. In anticipation of an increased volume of visitor enquiries, Singapore Flyer planned to boost the quality of its customer engagement at the initial touchpoints - telephone and email.

To excel in a service-centric industry such as tourism requires a high quality of customer service. The stakes are even higher for Internationally iconic attractions like the Singapore Flyer, which constitutes part of the first impressions of Singapore to its visitors. They needed a solution to eliminate missed customer communications due to tasks transfers between staff or platforms and improve the efficiency of their customer service operations. This solution also needed seamless implementation and scalability in response to increased tourism.

FocalScope met all of Singapore Flyer's requirements with our modular telephony solution. Onboarding the new telephony solution was a breeze for the Singapore Flyer team. With FocalScope, the original customer hotline can be ported in and expanded to handle multiple calls on existing phone numbers. Singapore Flyer initially implemented just the FocalScope voice module, fully hosted on a secure cloud. In tourism, there cannot be a breakage in the services and the customer service system transition had to be seamless. FocalScope onboarded the Singapore Flyer team to its centralised platform within 24 hours, implementing automated call queues and interactive voice response (IVRs) without changing its published customer service hotlines.

Several months after successfully rolling out the FocalScope telephony solution, decided to expand their usage of FocalScope to the email module. Again, this solution was seamlessly integrated into the existing solution so that agents could access both call and email tickets from the same platform. The combined solution thoroughly ensured there are no missed customer communications.

The Singapore Flyer previously used a standard phone system to handle their customer service hotline, which had many limitations and often resulted in long call waiting times, frustrating customers. With FocalScope’s unified communication platform and automated call routing capability, the Singapore Flyer’s customer support team can coordinate better during periods of high call volume.

As an iconic representative of Singapore and an internationally renowned tourist attraction, the Singapore Flyer is constantly working to elevate its offerings and improve service quality. FocalScope is proud to be the solution for improving the Singapore Flyer’s customer engagement experiences. Our solution streamlines the workflow to track customer communication between multiple service agents and always keep sight of the customer query. Our modular systems and intuitive platform make it easy for Singapore Flyer to expand and onboard new agents when needed.

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