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Critter Crew Officially Released in 9 Languages in 123 Regions

Critter Crew KV

Critter Crew KV

Critter Crew Home screen

Critter Crew Home screen

Critter Crew match-3 puzzle game

Critter Crew match-3 puzzle game

Join Ruby and crew in this combination match-3 and coloring game, the very first of its kind.

TOKYO, JAPAN, March 22, 2024 / -- Today AIDIS, Inc. officially released its mobile puzzle game, Critter Crew, in nine languages and 123 regions. The game represents a new direction for a company whose founder, Hisatoshi Hayakashi, has served as executive director on mobile JRPGs such as Brave Frontier and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

Critter Crew is a match-3 puzzle game that features loads of unique gimmicks, a collectable coloring game, play-enhancing sound design, and appealing modern UI/UX. These accompany familiar genre staples such as rankings, events, and team functions that allow players to chat worldwide. Taken as a whole, Critter Crew delivers match-3 players a fresh experience. The development team’s “snappy and stress-free” design philosophy is evident throughout, even on the technical level. The app has a surprisingly small download size and loads quickly. As no internet connection is required, players can enjoy the game anytime and anywhere.

Critter Crew producer Tsutomu Goda shared his thoughts on the new release: “Critter Crew is notable for being a Japanese developer’s first foray into the internationally popular match-3 puzzle game genre. During production, our team was united by a passionate desire to prove the power of Japanese game-makers once more. I’m confident that players across the globe will fall in love with Critter Crew, as our passion is reflected in the final product.”

Among the charming touches that Goda alludes to are attackmobiles, coffee makers, lucky eggs, and sunken treasures. People of all ages can pick up Critter Crew confident in their ability to play, thanks to the straightforward controls. With just the slide of a finger, players line up three or more tiles to clear them. Prior to Critter Crew, Goda served as a producer for multiple entries in the multimillion unit-selling Tales Of series of JRPGs. “Using the expertise we’ve gained from producing RPGs, we've been able to feature outstanding visual effects not seen in classic match-3 games,” he commented.

Critter Crew Director Hiroshi Sasako gave his thoughts on the context in which the game is being released: “Compared with other match-3 puzzle games, the inclusion of a coloring feature makes Critter Crew truly one of a kind. I’m confident that players will find it to be a delightful gaming experience in its own right. The fusion between match-3 games and coloring is an innovation that sets Critter Crew apart from the pack.

Critter Crew will charm people of all ages, which is one reason it has an invitation feature and social media integration; we want players to share the fun with real-life friends and family. Our team worked to ensure that the game’s characters were loveable across cultures, so we coordinated closely with seasoned animators based outside of Japan. Critter Crew is a new style of game jam-packed with little surprises.”

The attention to detail in all of the game’s creative materials makes for a highly polished experience. It’s no wonder that the Critter Crew team is clearly honored and excited to entertain players across the globe with this new title.

The Critter Crew trailer can be viewed here:

AIDIS is a Tokyo-based game designer and developer where creatives come together to inspire the world. Its mission is to produce the most-played games in the world. The games that AIDIS creates are meant to emblazon themselves on players’ memories. By harnessing games’ power to inspire, AIDIS is confident that it can make the world a happier and more fulfilling place.

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