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BAP America partners with 361 Filmmakers to grow the Film Business across Texas as AI is Coming fast for Film Jobs

Business Growth with Film before AI WINS!

Book cover of Danny McQ Patriot Force

AI design of VTOL Landing in Corpus Christi

McQueen Grows Film Business across Texas on Campaign for U.S. Congress District 21 in Austin and San Antonio

Leading Transportation Globally leads the economy with jobs and purpose for humanity abroad. AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) is the future in Transportation”
— Dan McQueen
SAN ANTONIO, TX, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2024 / -- “Do More Faster, So Others May Live”. Dan McQueen, director of BAP America, is partnering with additional Film Professionals to expand filmmaking education and business development across TEXAS. Mike McCullough, from the film “Wolfsbane Say My Name”, a well-known actor in several Western Films and also a Military Veteran, and Michael Castro of MCSTUDIOWORKZ, a well-known cinematographer, have both partnered in educating and developing the film business. Much like the economic growth the Gaines family in Waco and the Magnolia House, brought to life. McQueen believes that expanding film across Texas can be an enormous economic plus to cities with tourism and product development. One of the most significant statements at SXSW this year was that of AI taking over the film industry. In a chat given by Zachary Levi, best known for his role in Shazam. Speaking at the Austin Entertainment Business presentation at SXSW, Zachary was adamant about the direct impact AI will have on film in the future, indicating it would take away the human element.

McQueen is working across Texas from Austin to San Antonio and down to Corpus Christi in forming teams that are involved in film creation. McQueen is an Aeronautical Engineer who believes strongly in the growth of Film and Music as human elements in personal business growth. McQueen recently released another novel in the collection “Danny McQ Patriot Force”, and he plans on converting them into film scripts for movie production. Like in the movie “The Guardian”, McQueen is a Navy Special Operations SAR (Search and Rescue) Swimmer, deploying into combat zones “So Others May Live”. He considers himself a No Tattoo, Motorcycle Riding Politician for the People.

He has a long military history in aircraft avionics technology. In addition to active involvement in the film industry and political campaigning, he is the CEO/President of McQueen Innovative Transport Inc. based at Geekdom in San Antonio. Focused on the development of AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) and VTOL aircraft, McQueen believes the Sky Taxi will reduce environmental impact, move people faster and create quality jobs. His team has built several iterations of AeroTae’ (Sky Jump a VTOL/Forward Flight Hybrid) and is currently finalizing the next generation of Personal Aerial Transport.

Dan McQueen has placed his primary purpose in the race for U.S. Congress in Texas District 21 on Economic Development. He believes the border issue is directly related to the current state of our global economics which impacts all Texans. It appears current Congress members miss the mark on realizing their job in the representation of Texas citizens. McQueen has continued to serve and lead in many aspects of our global economy. His strengths in military, entertainment, government, and entrepreneurialism exemplify how we need to all work together to solve America’s issues, not rants and divisiveness. McQueen is always looking for ways to develop partnerships in success. Well known for youth program development, motorcycles, martial arts, entertainment, and aviation.

McQueen is campaigning across Texas Congressional District 21, which includes: Austin, San Antonio, Fredericksburg, Bandera, Leakey, Kerrville, and others down Interstate 35. His platform is in job creation and technological advances in the transportation industry. “Be My Neighbor” is his theme as he promotes Martial Arts, Film, and Music as business models in Technological Development. McQueen, known for his Air Force One Junior Engineering program, conducts a 21-town tour across Congressional District 21 promoting public libraries as micro business development centers. Corpus Christi is the home of BAP America, a Technology, Film & Music development co-working development center that conducts remote outreach across Texas.

McQueen will be riding his Rocket III motorcycle across District 21 and breaking boards to elevate the focus on BAP (Break Addiction Partnerships), Film/Music, AAM & AI. This Combat Veteran will be stopping at all locations seeking partnerships with Veterans, businesses, & All Citizens to bring America back to the table on the meaning of success and the American Dream. Unlike the current Congressman for CD21, Dan McQueen believes he has solutions for the Economy, Immigration & Crime that have been sweeping across Texas. Holding workshops on Business Start-up, Film, Music, Advanced Air Mobility, AI, Martial Arts & more, Uniting America for Future Success. Danny McQ, the character in McQueen’s novels, Born Loser, Design Patriot Dogs, Patriot Force, and the subject of his film series The Patriot”, will be expanding business models reaching across Texas. McQueen is also seeking a location for the future production build of his aircraft “AeroTae”’ and sub-components related to the aircraft. McQueen stated, “Leading Transportation Globally, leads the economy with jobs and purpose for humanity abroad. AAM (Advanced Air Mobility) is the future in Transportation”.

McQueen is a decorated U.S. Navy Combat Veteran Aviation Warfare SAR (Search and Rescue) Rescue Swimmer, Master Martial Artist, Prior nominee for U.S. Congress Texas District 35, Prior Mayor Corpus Christi, retired Lead Engineer on the Boeing VC25B Air Force One Presidential Aircraft, Educator, Author, Filmmaker and Musician. Independent candidate for Texas Congressional District 21.

Dan McQueen
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