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Best Vascular, a TeamBest Global Company, Celebrates 18 Year Anniversary of Serving the Cardiology Community

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Krishnan Suthanthiran, President & Founder of TeamBest Companies & Best Cure Foundation pictured on flag background with "I Too Have a Dream" text around outside

Krishnan Suthanthiran, President & Founder of TeamBest Companies & Best Cure Foundation

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, April 5, 2024 / -- Best Vascular/Novoste celebrates its 18th anniversary since Best Vascular acquired Novoste on March 9th 2006. Dr. Krishnan Suthanthiran and Best Medical International (BMI), one of the TeamBest Global Companies, have been in Vascular Brachytherapy (VBT) for over 30 years. Starting in 1992, BMI engaged in pre-clinical research in animals with Dr. Ron Waksman of Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C. (at Emory University until 1997), and Dr. Ian Crocker at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and also starting in 1994, carried out Phase I Human Clinical Trials with Dr. Paul Teirstein, Dr. Vince Mazzoula, and Dr. Shiresh Jani of Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, California.

Novoste was established in 1995 and became a public company soon thereafter. In January 1996, at the very first Vascular Brachytherapy Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, with encouragement from Dr. Ron Waksman and Dr. Ian Crocker, BMI tried to work with Novoste and again in early 2004, but had little success in working with the Novoste management in place at that time.

Novoste assets were purchased by BMI in March 2006 as Novoste was planning to close down the Vascular Therapy operation.

VBT was approved for clinical use by US FDA on November 3, 2000. BMI continues to support and expand the use of VBT and is currently involved in developing new technologies.

Now, Best Vascular/Novoste—the only company to continue to support and promote Vascular Brachytherapy—is expanding in the coming years with new technologies and clinical trials.

Best Vascular/Novoste is eternally grateful to Dr. Ron Waksman, Dr. Paul Tierstein, Dr. Ian Crocker, Dr. Vince Mazzoula, and Dr. Shiresh Jani for the inventions and promotion of Vascular Brachyyherapy.

Best Vascular/Novoste will be exhibiting at American College of Cardiology conference in Atlanta, GA from April 6-8, 2024. Please visit us at booths 3005, 3104 and 3107.

In addition to VBT products, BMI will be exhibiting self-shielded Cyclotron for producing a range of radioisotopes for cardiology, neurology, and oncology applications, as well as state-of-the-art high-resolution ultrasound for cardiology applications.

NORCROSS, GA. -(BUSINESS WIRE)- March 9, 2006 - Novoste Corporation (NASDAQ: NOVT) and Best Vascular, Inc. (Best Vascular) jointly announced today the completion of the sale of substantially all of the assets of Novoste's Vascular Brachytherapy (VBT) business to Best Vascular. The two companies had previously announced the transaction on October 12, 2005, and the Novoste shareholders' meeting at which the proposal to approve the transaction was adopted was held on March 7, 2006. The consideration for the sale of the assets by Novoste to Best Vascular was the assumption by Best Vascular of various liabilities of Novoste related to its VBT business. As part of the transaction, Novoste amended its charter to change its corporate name to "NOVT Corporation".

Krish Suthanthiran, President of Best Vascular, has commented, "We are very excited about the opportunity that exists for Best Vascular in the VBT market. The acquisition of these assets fits our strategy of providing brachytherapy products across a wide variety of clinical applications. It is of utmost importance that radiation therapy is available to cardiologists and their patients. The Novoste system is the only remaining vascular brachytherapy product on the market and having previously supplied Cordis Corporation, a Johnson & Johnson company with VBT products, we believe we have the capability to assure the continuation of this important therapy in the cardiology market. We remain committed to our radiation oncology customer base and look forward to serving the particular needs of the cardiology community with a therapy that has proven to have durable results..."

Al Novak, President and Chief Executive Officer of Novoste, said "We are pleased that we have completed this transaction with Best Vascular. They have the capability and interest in supplying VBT to those physicians and their patients who have a need for this technology. This transaction was in the best interests of our shareholders by allowing Novoste to be free of its major liabilities associated with the VBT business."

Best Vascular, an affiliate of Best Medical International (BMI), was established for the purpose of focusing on the vascular brachytherapy business acquired from Novoste. BMI is known for its radiation seed products utilizing several different isotopes. BMI also has a complete line of catheters, needles, templates and accessories, including custom-designed products. Founded in 1977, BMI has pioneered new ideas in brachytherapy, including vascular brachytherapy, and is a leader in the provision of radiation seeds for use by urologists in the treatment of prostate cancer. BMI prides itself not only on its very successful product line, but also the ability of its staff to provide superlative service to its customers. BMIl's mission is to uphold its excellent reputation by consistently exceeding the expectation of those it serves in the healthcare field by developing, manufacturing and delivering cost-effective, high quality products to benefit patients throughout the world.

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