Ventoux Biosciences Announces Positive Pre-Clinical Results, Initiates Fundraising Round to Advance Development

Ventoux Biosciences Founder & CEO, Kurt Harrington

Dupuytren's Patient & Ventoux Biosciences Founder & CEO, Kurt Harrington

Ventoux Biosciences, Founded by Dupuytren's Patient, Announces Positive Anti-Fibrotic Effects with VEN-201 and Initiates Initial Fundraising Round

This is an important proof of concept study for VEN-201 demonstrating desirable anti-fibrotic effects with a positive safety profile.”
— Kurt Harrington
ENCINITAS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 12, 2024 / -- Ventoux Biosciences Announces Positive Pre-Clinical Results for Fibrosis Treatment, Initiates Fundraising Round to Advance Development

VEN-201 Demonstrated Positive Anti-Fibrotic Effects in a Bleomycin-Induced Dermal Fibrosis Model

Ventoux Biosciences, Inc., a privately held specialty pharmaceutical company developing innovative, first-line, disease-modifying therapies for Dupuytren’s and related fibrotic diseases is pleased to announce promising results from its recent pre-clinical study evaluating potential treatments for fibrosis.

The pre-clinical study demonstrated efficacy and safety profiles for VEN-201 in reducing the progression of fibrosis. These results represent a significant milestone in Ventoux Biosciences’ mission to identify and develop novel, first-line, disease-modifying treatment options to provide essential therapeutic options for patients and healthcare professionals.

Based on these promising results, Ventoux Biosciences is initiating a fundraising round to support further development of VEN-201 including formulation optimization, pre-clinical studies, intellectual property, and regulatory activities. These funds will enable the company to advance development of VEN-201 and accelerate development timelines in order to bring this potential treatment to patients with Dupuytren’s.

Dupuytren’s disease is a fibroproliferative disease affecting the palmar fascia of the hand leading to permanent flexion contracture and deformities of the fingers. The deformity can significantly limit activities of daily living, employment, and reduce health-related quality of life. Despite the common, chronic, and debilitating nature of Dupuytren’s disease, no cure is available and surgery remains the mainstay of treatment. No FDA approved disease-modifying, pharmacologic treatments are available for patients living with Dupuytren’s disease.

Utilizing an established pre-clinical model for dermal fibrosis and scleroderma, fibrosis was induced in mice using daily injections of bleomycin for 28 days. Animals were assigned to four different treatment groups: saline, bleomycin + vehicle, bleomycin + VEN-201, and bleomycin + VEN-202. Masson’s Trichrome (MT) and Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) stains were used for the initial qualitative histopathologic evaluation of fibrosis and collagen. Quantification of fibrosis within dermal and epidermal regions was completed from MT stained images.

Bleomycin-treated mice administered VEN-201 daily exhibited reduced tissue remodeling, as demonstrated by decreased epidermal and dermal fibrosis, collagen density, and epidermal and dermal thickness, relative to bleomycin-treated mice administered vehicle control. These improvements were achieved with a benign safety profile that is consistent with the known human safety of VEN-201. VEN-202 did not demonstrate desired effects therefore, the company does not plan to advance this compound.

Kurt Harrington, CEO of Ventoux Biosciences, shares, “This is an important proof of concept study for VEN-201 demonstrating desirable anti-fibrotic effects with a positive safety profile. We are excited to advance the development of VEN-201 with focus on additional research to support regulatory discussions, intellectual property, and formulation optimization.”

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About VEN-201

VEN-201 is an undisclosed small molecule that has been previously FDA approved and used in >90 countries for >20 years, for other indications. Ventoux Biosciences is developing this compound for new patient indications with novel drug delivery to optimize treatment for Dupuytren’s disease and related fibrotic diseases.

About Ventoux Biosciences

Founded in 2022 by a Dupuytren’s patient with over 25 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, Ventoux Biosciences, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing proprietary products to treat Dupuytren's disease and related fibroproliferative, inflammatory diseases with significant unmet medical needs. Dupuytren’s disease is a chronic, large market disease characterized by its progressive, debilitating, and often painful nature. No first-line pharmacologic treatment options are available and surgery remains the mainstay of treatment. Ventoux Biosciences' mission is to develop life-changing, first-line, disease-modifying therapies to slow disease progression in early to moderate stages and reduce disease recurrence post-corrective procedures for severe cases.

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