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Applied Spectra launches J200 CX – High Precision Elemental and Isotopic Analysis Anywhere

J200 CX Instrument


Compact with outstanding analytical performance

Applied Spectra, Inc. is pleased to announce our new compact, low-cost LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) instrument, a next-generation elemental analyzer delivering outstanding performance anywhere you want to analyze your solid samples. With a footprint of 12” X 12” X 18” and weight < 50 lbs., the J200 CX was engineered for mobility within the laboratory or in the field.

The J200 CX incorporates a high repetition-rate laser with 3D stages for scanning over large sample areas with high spatial resolution. A CMOS camera provides micron spatial resolution images to identify samples areas of interest. The high sensitivity broadband spectrometer offers complete wavelength coverage to address every element in a sample. Easy-loading chambers are available for the analysis of particles, bulk and heterogeneous samples.

Axiom 2.0 and Clarity NeXt(TM) Software

The J200 CX utilizes Axiom 2.0 flexible operating system. With Axiom 2.0, the analyst can control the laser, LIBS detector, and 3D stage settings to create sampling methods appropriate for qualitative screening, quantitative analysis, and chemical mapping.

J200 CX users will have ClarityNeXt(TM), Applied Spectra’s next generation software for powerful LIBS data analysis. ClarityNeXt(TM) offers built-in calibration methods and a suite of advanced chemometric models for quantitative and classification analysis. With a wide range of advanced 2D/3D chemical image visualization tools, analysts see a detailed view of chemical composition and uniformity. ClairtyNeXt(TM) automates the entire analysis steps (scripts) for “click-to-results” with the Automation Wizard & Player module. With ClarityNeXt(TM), J200 CX users can count on efficient and streamlined data analysis in the lab or in the field.

Experience the future today

“As LIBS is becoming the go-to analysis technique for a wide range of analytical applications, we are seeing a growing need for greater flexibility and enhanced performance for both laboratory and field analysis. The J200 CX addresses that need”, said Dr. Jhanis Gonzalez, Director of Product R&D, “With the J200 CX, excellent analytical performance is achieved in the laboratory, or for overcoming the shortcomings that exist today using handheld LIBS for field applications.”

LIBS and LA-ICP-MS are complementary in elemental coverage and analysis sensitivity. The J200 CX LIBS is easily upgraded to a Tandem configuration for independent or simultaneous LIBS/LA-ICP-MS analysis.
Ask us about LIBS for direct isotope measurements!

About Applied Spectra, Inc.

Applied Spectra, Inc. is the global leader in R&D, manufacturing, and commercialization of laser ablation-based analysis instruments. The company’s LIBS and LA instruments eliminate the need for time-consuming sample preparation and provide customers with a clean, cost-effective approach to measure elemental and isotopic content directly from solid samples. Please visit for the latest news and information

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