FmPro Migrator 10.07 The Microsoft Access to FileMaker Pro Migration Tool - Converts Access VBA code into FileMaker Pro

FmPro Migrator - The Microsoft Access to FileMaker Pro Migration Tool

FmPro Migrator - The Microsoft Access to FileMaker Pro Migration Tool

Microsoft Access Code Conversion Workbench - Converts VBA to FileMaker Pro Scripts

Microsoft Access Code Conversion Workbench - Converts VBA to FileMaker Pro Scripts

FmPro Migrator - The Migration Tool for FileMaker Pro, Access, Visual FoxPro

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AI Accelerated FmPro Migrator 10.07 will migrate Microsoft Access to FileMaker Pro, including automated conversion of tables, data, forms/reports & VBA code.

FileMaker Pro developers can use the automated VBA to FileMaker script conversion feature of FmPro Migrator to facilitate understanding the business logic of legacy Access databases.”
— David Simpson

FREMONT, CA, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2024 / -- .com Solutions Inc. announces the release of FmPro Migrator 10.07 with automated code conversion and data transfer enhancements for Microsoft Access to FileMaker Pro database migrations. The AI Accelerated version of FmPro Migrator includes the automated conversion of Microsoft Access VBA code into FileMaker Pro scripts - ready for pasting as commented code into the Script Workspace.

The Microsoft Access Code Conversion Workbench enables FileMaker developers to manage the automated conversion of hundreds of Access VBA scripts within an entire Microsoft Access database in a single window. Individual scripts can be selected by name for single-click submission to the OpenAI machine learning model. Output files are saved automatically into a folder of converted scripts as the results are received. Machine learning prompts are generated automatically, but the prompt text and source code fields are fully editable.

For FileMaker developers, one of the biggest challenges involved with an Access to FileMaker migration project is understanding the original Visual Basic business logic. Currently available large language models have in-depth understanding of the underlying programming code. This means that the automated AI-based code conversion has the potential to perform excellent business logic conversion from one programming language to another - including FileMaker Pro scripts.

Converted VBA code is ready for pasting from the Microsoft Access Code Conversion Workbench window directly into the FileMaker Script Workspace. This migrated code is seen as commented script steps within the Script Workspace.

Data Transfer Enhancements
On macOS, FmPro Migrator now uses a file DSN to connect to Access databases for data transfer into FileMaker Pro databases. This new data transfer method is even easier than running the ODBC data import scripts. Just make sure to have the Actual Technologies ODBC for Access driver installed on macOS, plus a FileMaker Pro ODBC DSN already created to connect with the new FileMaker database created by FmPro Migrator. Click each table then click the Transfer Data button.

For macOS and Windows versions of FmPro Migrator, a "Create Access Import Scripts" File menu option has been added to facilitate routine ODBC data imports. These scripts can be used for importing from Microsoft Access and other databases accessed via ODBC into FileMaker Pro databases on a regular basis.

Microsoft Access to FileMaker Pro Conversion Benefits Include:
* Upsize Access Databases to FileMaker Pro - Microsoft Access database files are limited to a 2GB maximum file size, 255 fields, and a 64K procedure size limit. Furthermore, Access Forms/Reports cannot contain more than 754 controls - during the entire life of the Form/Report. FileMaker Pro databases exceed all of these limitations by a wide margin, while providing legendary ease of use and cross-platform compatibility.
* Cross Platform Compatibility - Microsoft Access databases are only supported to run on Microsoft Windows. FileMaker Pro databases run on macOS, Windows and IOS devices. 3rd party tools like LiveCode for FM enable FileMaker databases to be run as applications on Android devices.
* Multi-user Access - Access databases are intended to be run by a single user unless SQL Server is used for hosting the data. FileMaker Pro databases can run on individual computers or IOS devices and FileMaker Server or Claris FileMaker Cloud is used to host databases for multi-user access.
* Developer Friendly Low Code Platform - Access databases always require professional developers to make changes. However the low-code architecture of FileMaker Pro databases enable subject matter experts to easily make changes.

Recent FmPro Migrator Changes:
* Added the automated conversion of VBA code into FileMaker Pro scripts - ready for pasting as commented code into the Script Workspace.
* Updated the models menu with the latest models available from OpenAI, including gpt-4-turbo.
* On macOS, added a new file DSN method to connect to Access databases for data transfer to FileMaker Pro databases.
* Microsoft Access to FileMaker ODBC import scripts for all tables in the project are created by FmPro Migrator and copied to the clipboard.
* Fixed an issue with Access database tables which are seen as reserved words within FileMaker Pro.
* Fixed an issue with some AI models displaying an error regarding the number of tokens supported by the model.
* Improved the compatibility with gpt-4 during long running queries.
* For .NET Conversion projects, updated the supportedRuntime version from 4.5.2 to 4.8 for use with Visual Studio 2022.

Pricing and Availability:
The AI Accelerated version of FmPro Migrator is available immediately for $198/month, and includes up to 500,000 daily AI processing tokens. Also included with this edition is the conversion of up to 500 Microsoft Access forms/reports into FileMaker layouts.

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