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Kasm Technologies Announces OpenStack AutoScaling on OpenMetal for Kasm Workspaces

Kasm Workspaces OpenStack

Kasm Workspaces OpenStack

New Instructional Video on Leveraging OpenStack Provider in OpenMetal for Linux and Windows desktops on Kasm Workspaces

MCLEAN, VA, USA, February 24, 2024 / -- Kasm Technologies, a leading provider of containerized workspace solutions, is excited to announce the release of a comprehensive video tutorial designed to guide administrators through the process of integrating Kasm Workspaces with OpenStack Private Clouds. This cutting-edge tutorial is now available on Kasm Technologies' official YouTube channel at:

The newly released video serves as a step-by-step guide for configuring Kasm Zones and Autoscaling Pools, enabling seamless integration with an OpenStack Deployment. It emphasizes the importance of using credentials that adhere to the principle of least privilege, ensuring the maintenance of high security standards while avoiding common integration issues. Additionally, the tutorial outlines effective methods for troubleshooting, making it an invaluable resource for administrators seeking to optimize their Kasm Workspaces.

The tutorial specifically leverages an OpenStack private cloud provided by OpenMetal, showcasing the practical application of these configurations in a real-world setting. Viewers interested in learning more about OpenMetal's offerings can visit for detailed information.

Further documentation on the OpenStack Provider, including intricate details on settings and configurations, can be found at Kasm Technologies' official documentation page:

Highlights of the video tutorial include:
- A thorough introduction to the integration of OpenStack on OpenMetal.
- Detailed guidance on deploying Kasm within an OpenStack environment.
- Instructions on configuring Kasm Zones, Agent Pools, and Autoscaling.
- Strategies for troubleshooting common provisioning issues.
- Insights into launching both Linux and Windows Kasm Container Workspaces.

This tutorial is designed not only to facilitate the technical integration of Kasm Workspaces with OpenStack but also to enhance the user experience by providing a scalable, secure, and efficient workspace solution for both Linux and Windows environments. Kasm Technologies is committed to empowering administrators and organizations by providing comprehensive resources like this tutorial, reinforcing its position as a leader in the field of containerized workspace solutions.

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Kasm Workspaces OpenStack Autoscaling on OpenMetal