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BioCubic Announces Strategic Partnership with AFMWorkshop in Atomic Force Microscopy for Life Sciences

AFMWorkshop and Biocubic Partnership Logos with Red Blood Cell AFM image

Nanoscale Imaging for Life Sciences Gains Enhanced View Over Traditional SEM and TEM Techniques

Compared to SEM/TEM, our AFM systems deliver data at a 10x lower purchasing cost. Atomic Force Microscopy is the future for life sciences research and applications.”
— Chris Buser Ph.D.
DARIEN, CONNECTICUT, USA, February 22, 2024 / -- BioCubic and AFMWorkshop, Inc. have launched a strategic partnership to assist life sciences innovators, explorers, and educators with the discovery of nanostructures in their biomaterials. This new collaboration delivers unparalleled value to customers by combining innovative applications for biomaterials characterization along with the highest quality, most affordable research-grade Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs).

BioCubic supports customers in discovering, understanding, and controlling their products’ nanoscale features. The company mission is providing more access to the nano-world and improving research, quality control, and education at the molecular scale.

AFMWorkshop brings decades of expertise in designing and manufacturing intuitive, affordable, and versatile AFMs. The company’s products have dramatically expanded the number of labs with access to high-performance, nanoscale characterization capabilities.

The BioCubic and AFMWorkshop partnership removes the risk in entering the fields of nanobiotechnology by delivering multi-stage support, from beginning protocol development services through to the sale of customized, open-platform instruments.

Atomic Force Microscopes are complementary to light and electron beam microscopes traditionally used in life sciences. AFMs are unique in the ability to measure direct 3D images and mechanical properties of biological specimens, and are the most affordable and versatile characterization tools to reach nanoscale resolution.

Exceptionally good at delivering rapid, inexpensive surface information of relatively flat materials (<15 µm total topography), AFMs can collect this information in air, other gases, or live in liquids, without the need for additional sample preparation tools.

Biocubic’s Founder, Chris Buser Ph.D., says: “Compared to SEM or TEM, our AFM systems deliver data at a 10x lower purchasing cost. Additionally, there’s no need for expensive maintenance contracts, or using toxic heavy metal stains. Atomic Force Microscopy is the future for life sciences research and applications, and I’m looking forward to working with pioneers and educators who want to tap into that potential.”

AFMWorkshop ( manufactures high-quality, robust Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs) that are intuitive to use for beginners or experts. Founded in 2009 by industry pioneer Paul West Ph.D., and located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, the company’s AFMs are used in almost 400 labs worldwide.

BioCubic ( was founded in 2022 by Chris Buser Ph.D and is located in Darien, Connecticut. Chris has over 20 years of experience in high-resolution microscopy in life sciences, including the operation and application of light, electron beam and atomic force microscopes.

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