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The Democracy Network to Celebrate 250,000 Members With New Legislative Action Team

Image of the U.S. Capitol.

Image of the U.S. Capitol. Photo by Caleb Perez on Unsplash.

The grassroots voting rights group will commemorate its membership milestone by launching a Legislative Action Team to draft model voting rights legislation.

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2024 / -- Earlier today, the Democracy Network officially reached an important membership milestone. As of this morning, the group’s total membership stands at over 250,000 newsletter subscribers from across the United States.

Since its founding three years ago, the Democracy Network has focused its attention on the twin goals of informing and advocating on the topic of voting rights. These efforts have included distributing a newsletter that tracks major developments on the voting rights front; updating members regarding particularly urgent issues, including ballot initiatives affecting voting rights or important legislation under consideration; mobilizing members for letter-writing and office-calling campaigns; and engaging in direct outreach to decision makers.

To commemorate the important 250,000-member milestone, the Democracy Network will launch a Legislative Action Team, augmenting its existing outreach efforts with a specific legislative agenda. The Legislative Action Team will comprise a team of qualified volunteers with backgrounds in legislative offices. These volunteers have assisted elected officials in the process of drafting, editing, and amending legislation and will bring their background to bear in developing new model legislation to be promoted by the Democracy Network nationwide.

This foray into the world of specific legislative advocacy will represent a shift in the Democracy Network’s priorities. The model legislation will encompass topics like universal access to mail voting; research funding for secure electronic voting systems; protections for early voting; a nationwide Voters Bill of Rights that precludes states from adopting measures that impose needless hurdles to obstruct legal voting; and robust and enforceable federal limits on partisan gerrymandering.

Founder and Chairman Rohan Menon explained the thinking behind this shift: “I believe that what we’ve done so far has made a difference. But it’s all about scale. As our membership grows, so too must our ambitions. We have more reach than ever before and we need to use this momentum to continue strengthening this movement, and that means making bigger pushes with legislators and taking on a more specific platform.”

He promised in the months to come to begin rolling out the model legislation drafted by the Legislative Action Team to the organization’s website. He also pledged that monthly newsletters in the coming months would flesh out the organization’s new set of policy priorities for members as they become more concrete.

To join the Democracy Network’s membership, go to and sign up for the newsletter today!

Stephanie Rosa
Outreach Director