Cority Expands Safety Data Sheet Library Through 3E Powered Data

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Enhanced chemical management solution simplifies hazard communication & improves accessibility across an organization’s EHS Operations 

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 15, 2024 / -- Cority, a leading global enterprise EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) and sustainability software provider, announced today a major enhancement to its chemical management solution. Through a data integration collaboration with 3E, a trusted global provider of chemical, regulatory, and compliance information services, Cority has augmented the safety data sheet (SDS) library within its chemical management solution by 30 times the size. The digital enhancement seamlessly integrates Cority’s solution with 3E’s world-class SDS database, providing Cority customers with access to the highest quality and most up-to-date information about tens of millions of hazardous materials.

“We’re excited to bring 3E's extensive expertise and knowledge to Cority’s chemical management solution,” said Roy Raghavan, product manager at Cority with professional experience in chemical management in the automotive and cement manufacturing sectors. “Cority does EHS and sustainability program management really well, and when you combine that with 3E’s world-class content solution, the result is a comprehensive and well-connected chemical management solution that provides additional value to our customers via all the other Cority solutions that touch chemical management or use chemical data.”

Cority's comprehensive chemical management solution enables organizations to navigate the entire lifecycle of chemicals, ensure compliance, reduce risks through data-driven decisions, and optimize overall performance. With hazard communication listed as the second most often cited item on OSHA’s Top Ten Citations List for 2023, companies are increasingly seeking ways to access critical information to prevent incidents and act quickly with accurate responses when necessary. Cority’s partnership with 3E promises to address these needs by further improving workplace safety and simplifying hazard communication compliance with greater access to valuable, and current, chemical management information. 

"The complexity associated with getting and keeping compliant products in market continues to accelerate, driven by the rapid pace of both regulatory change and product innovation cycles,” said Alan Johnson, managing director of chemical workplace safety product lines at 3E. “Cority’s application, powered by 3E’s world class data and expertise, can help organizations ensure their compliance strategy is responsive to regulatory trends and keeps pace with their innovation needs." 

Consolidating information into one digital system not only makes efficient use of organizations’ resources while eliminating cumbersome paper binders &/or other analog systems, but it also empowers every employee-user to access the entire electronic SDS library from anywhere, at any time, on almost any device. For example, Cority’s intuitive myCority mobile app places pertinent hazard information—both present and past—at the fingertips of field workers so they can search for and access SDSs while on the go and take immediate action.

With Cority’s SDS library powered by 3E, organizations can also automatically update documents in their SDS library with newer versions as they become available, helping companies to advance the health and safety of workplaces and stay compliant. This is critical as regulatory burdens continue to rise across industries and the chemical risk scenario for humans and the environment evolves due to continuously changing products and the additions of new ones. 

Cority’s chemical management solution, part of the integrated EHS SaaS-based platform CorityOne™, ensures seamless access to 3E’s chemical data across Cority’s other EHS clouds, supporting broader EHS operations, and compliance categories, such as industrial hygiene and environmental emissions reporting. 

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