People in the Cariboo will benefit from improved safety and reliability as plans move forward to realign Kersley-Dale Landing Road near Quesnel.

Kersley-Dale Landing Road was closed in 2020 due to historic landslides that caused unstable slopes along the road. The ministry plans to tender the project in spring 2024 and construction is anticipated to begin in fall 2024.  

The realignment of Kersley-Dale Landing Road is part of the Cariboo Road Recovery Projects program. The new alignment, which will use Arnoldus Road, bypasses landslide-prone areas and provides a reliable, safe and resilient connection to Highway 97 for the community of Kersley.

Changing weather patterns have hit the Cariboo particularly hard, contributing to hundreds of landslides and road washouts in 2020 and 2021. The Cariboo Road Recovery Projects are restoring access where feasible, benefiting tens of thousands of people who use the affected roads and highways.

The program is designing and building transportation infrastructure that is resilient and dependable for communities and road users in the long term.

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