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New Report Outlines Comprehensive Action Steps to Empower Black Men and Boys in Boston

The Mayor’s Office of Black Male Advancement released a report outlining the 20 action steps othat will help guide Black Male Advancement’s 2024 priorities and objectives.

Boston, January 30 – The Mayor’s Office of Black Male Advancement (BMA) today released BMA Report: Recommendations for Action, a review authored by Professor James Jennings, Ph.D., outlining twenty action steps encompassing economic mobility, education, health, civic engagement, and job opportunities. 

The report introduces key guideposts serving as a "conceptual framework for addressing historical and contemporary inequities." These guideposts emphasize the importance of recommendations being culturally empowering and asset-based, linked to economic empowerment, designed for collaborative partnerships with balanced organizational capacities, and necessitating substantial participation of Black men and boys in the community for feasibility.

“As the Office of Black Male Advancement builds capacity and receives guidance from the Commission of Black Men and Boys, we are prepared to execute these recommendations in 2024,” said Frank Farrow, Executive Director of the Office of Black Male Advancement. “Pushing forward on these action steps in alignment with the Mayor's vision, our aspiration is to ensure Black men not only call Boston home, but also thrive in the City of Boston.”

“The action steps outlined in this report will position Boston in a clear leadership role among the great U.S. cities, fostering prosperity while addressing years of benign neglect of a critical segment of the population. Supporting and elevating this segment of Boston’s

citizenry will undoubtedly improve the quality of life for all of the city’s residents.” said Charlie Titus, Black Men and Boys Commission member.

The Mayor’s Office of Black Male Advancement will play a facilitative role in implementing the action steps—coordinating with the Black Men and Boys Commission, community organizations, city departments, neighborhoods, and necessary resources to achieve the twenty action steps outlined in the report. The Office of BMA will assess and measure the impacts of these initiatives.

The report categorizes the twenty action steps into six categories. These categories are informed by previous efforts in this field, a literature review, a BMA survey of community members in Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, and Hyde Park, as well as recommendations from the Commission of Black Men & Boys' subcommittees.

  • Training and Opportunities to Increase Entrepreneurship, Financial Acumen, and Homeworknership
  • Workforce and Local Economic Development
  • Stronger Connections with Public Health and Public Safety
  • Greater Involvement with Civic Engagement and Community Organizing
  • Targeted Connections with BPS
  • Identifying and Eliminating CORI Obstacles to Economic Mobility  

“As an administration, we are committed to working collectively to address historical and contemporary inequities,” said Mariangely Solis Cervera, Chief of Equity & Inclusion Cabinet. “BMA and the Office of Equity and Inclusion are looking forward to the work ahead of us by bridging gaps to build a more inclusive city for our communities."

“The mission and work of the Office of BMA represents a critical component for any Boston policy or programmatic strategies to meet challenges in the areas of neighborhood empowerment, excellence in public education, closing the racial wealth gap, and improving the quality of life for everyone in Boston,” said James Jennings, Professor Emeritus of Urban and Environmental Policy & Planning at Tufts University.

To access the full report, please visit this link

About the Mayor’s Office of Black Male Advancement:

The Office of Black Male Advancement works to empower Black men and boys, ensuring equitable access to opportunities in the City. Focused on policies, programs, resources, and local and national partnerships, The Office of Black Male Advancement ensures Black men and boys have support to thrive and share in the City’s prosperity.