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Home Tribe Launches an Educational Digital Marketplace for Values-Aligned Families

Home Tribe offers educational, family-friendly experiences and resources connecting freedom-loving, values-aligned families and providers worldwide.

APTOS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2024 / -- Home Tribe has launched its digital marketplace as part of its Global Freedom Education movement with the goal of connecting freedom-loving, values-aligned families with providers across the globe. This digital marketplace by Home Tribe aims to serve families that share its mission to usher in a future where the core of society, the family, takes center stage in education, work-life balance, and daily life. Home Tribe has already launched its app on iTunes and Google Play store. With its freedom education movement, Home Tribe wants to reshape family dynamics and experiences globally by making access to educational, family-friendly experiences and resources simple and instant.

Founded on the visionary principles of Emily Jones, Home Tribe's CEO and Founder, the company's mission is succinctly captured in its slogan: "The Future is Family."

Speaking to the media, Emily Jones said, “Home Tribe is not just an educational marketplace; it's a movement toward redefining how families connect, learn, and experience life together while moving away from outdated traditional education methods of our government schools.”

The platform facilitates global connections between like-minded, values-aligned families and providers, offering wholesome, family-friendly experiences, educational resources, shippable items, digital content, and opportunities for fostering meaningful friendships.

As a privately held company, Home Tribe is taking a necessary step towards a purpose-driven corporate structure. This strategic move is designed to shield the company's core values from external shareholders who may not align with the mission-driven ethos of Home Tribe. The goal is to protect the essence of the platform and ensure that its growth and evolution remain rooted in the principles of supporting families globally without external pressure to change our core values.

Emily Jones, the visionary force behind Home Tribe, has positioned the platform as a pioneer in the freedom education movement for families opting into homeschooling and alternative education options globally.

“ Families and educators are sick of our children becoming indoctrinated through our current government school systems around the world, and that’s precisely why Home Tribe will emerge as a leader in the global freedom education movement," says Jones. She emphasizes the belief that the future is family-centric, and Home Tribe is committed to supporting families globally as they reimagine education, work-life balance, and family time.

In a few short years, Home Tribe has evolved from a prototype in 2017 to a fully-fledged global digital marketplace. The platform's initial focus on connecting families and providers for learning experiences has become a comprehensive ecosystem. Home Tribe plans to enhance its current marketplace by introducing new family-friendly products and services, enriching the everyday experiences of families worldwide.

In a landscape where the concept of family is evolving, Home Tribe stands at the forefront, championing a future where family experiences are at the heart of societal progress and change. As the platform continues to grow and evolve, its commitment to fostering global connections and supporting families remains resolute.

For any media or commercial inquiries, users can visit the official website or contact Noelle Jenson at

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About Company:
Home Tribe is a reputable digital marketplace for families, connecting them with providers globally. Through a diverse range of family-friendly experiences, educational resources, and a commitment to a purpose-driven corporate structure, Home Tribe is transforming the way families connect, learn, and experience life together.

Noelle Jenson
Home Tribe LLC