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Los Chicos Criollos Unveil 'Fernet Y Cola (Vago Remix)': A Cultural Mosaic in Hip-Hop

Cover art for Fernet Y Cola (Vago Remix) by Los Chicos Criollos

Cover art for Fernet Y Cola (Vago Remix) by Los Chicos Criollos

Los Chicos Criollos profile image standing in front of the Commonwealth building in Miami, FL

Los Chicos Criollos

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Los Chicos Criollos logo



Los Chicos Criollos profile image posing together

Los Chicos Criollos

Experience the unique blend of Latin American flair and hip-hop in Los Chicos Criollos' latest track, 'Fernet Y Cola (Vago Remix).'

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 23, 2024 / -- Los Chicos Criollos, the trailblazing rap duo comprising Kingdom Kome and Ché Uno, are proud to announce the release of their latest track, “Fernet Y Cola (Vago Remix)”, under the CMNWLTH label. This innovative track is set to drop on 1/23/24 and promises to be a fusion of cultures, languages, and musical genius.

The song, an ode to the iconic Argentine drink, mirrors the group's signature style of blending diverse cultural elements. Kingdom Kome kicks off the track with a brilliant display of wordplay, intertwining his Sicilian roots with Latin American narratives. His lyrics, laced with references to Argentine icons like Fito Paez, capture the essence of his multifaceted identity.

Che Uno takes over with his distinct lyrical skill, painting a vivid picture of Polo street fashion and capturing the essence of a life that dances on the razor’s edge. The chorus, a catchy and proud declaration of their poetic and cultural magic, ties the song together, echoing the duo's far-reaching influence.

“Fernet Y Cola (Vago Remix)” is an auditory mural, showcasing the linguistic dexterity and powerful musical narrative of Los Chicos Criollos. The track is a testament to their ongoing commitment to creating music that resonates with authenticity and cultural richness.

The release of this track follows the success of their debut album, “Los Chicos Criollos,” which has captivated audiences in Europe and Latin America. With plans for a comprehensive tour in 2024, the group is set to further cement their place in the global hip-hop community.

Los Chicos Criollos have emerged as a cultural phenomenon, seamlessly blending traditional sounds with contemporary hip-hop. Their work speaks to a diverse audience, bridging continents and cultures through their unique artistry. “Fernet Y Cola (Vago Remix)” is not just a new addition to their discography but a continuation of their journey in reshaping the musical landscape.

For more information, please visit the CMNWLTH website and follow Los Chicos Criollos on their social media channels. The official music video will be released in February on Vevo.

About Los Chicos Criollos
Los Chicos Criollos, with Kingdom Kome and Ché Uno, stand out in the hip-hop industry, showcasing exceptional linguistic skills and cultural diversity. Their 2023 debut album, blending Latin and hip-hop influence, has earned widespread acclaim, particularly in Europe and Latin America. Renowned for their smooth transitions between English and Spanish, their music embodies organic evolution and authenticity. Having made an impactful start in Miami, they are gearing up for a 2024 tour across South America, the US, and Canada, aligning with their next album, 'Dios Sucio,' dedicated to Diego Maradona. As dedicated hip-hop artists associated with LoLife, their work represents a cultural phenomenon, merging deep narratives with genuine expression, marking a new chapter of artistic innovation on the international stage.

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Fernet Y Cola (Vago Remix) - Los Chicos Criollos | Official Lyric Video