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Indie-Funk Rock Band Blanket Attacks Debut Single "Set the Stage" Out Now

BERLIN, GERMANY, January 19, 2024 / -- Blanket Attack, the international indie/funk rock ensemble, has entered the music scene with the release of its debut single, "Set the Stage." Blanket Attack's release comes when the music industry embraces diversity and innovation. The band's international composition and genre-blurring style position the outfit as a noteworthy player in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary music.

"Set the Stage" marks a significant milestone for Blanket Attack, offering listeners a taste of the band's eclectic musical palette. Drawing on their rich experiences, including writing music for the BBC, participating in competitions like Local Heroes, and performing at renowned venues such as Fritz Club Berlin, the band's debut single is expected to captivate audiences with its unique flavor.

Formed by the collaborative efforts of its founders Binayak Khatri and Johannes Stolp, Blanket Attack's journey has been anything but ordinary. Originating from diverse musical backgrounds, the quartet's fusion of rock, funk, classical, and folk elements promises a fresh and distinctive sound.

A move from the bustling Berlin club scene to the tranquil German countryside, driven by personal introspection and the need to process the loss of a family member, laid the groundwork for much of Blanket Attack's upcoming album. "Set the Stage" emerges as a poignant piece, reflecting the band's journey and the introspective period during which its lead singer, Johannes, composed a piano concerto and the majority of the songs for the album.

The composition is a testament to Blanket Attack's resilience, overcoming the challenge of losing their first guitarist to military service. With the addition of guitarist Sandy and bassist Aleksa, the band solidified its lineup, infusing new energy and adding further influences to their music.

"Set the Stage" promises to be a sonic journey, seamlessly blending the band's individual histories and influences into a cohesive musical narrative.

As fans express their love for "Set the Stage," Blanket Attack is gearing up for an exciting year ahead. With their eclectic musical approach and a promising debut single, the band is poised to carve out a distinct space in the colorful landscape of 21st century showbiz.

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