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Wine Capital Fund and Oasis Pro form Partnership for Tokenizing a Private Fund investing in Fine Wine

Wine Capital

Tommy Nordam Jensen

Tokenization is not just a trend; it's the future of investing. This partnership allows us to offer a unique investment, combining our market knowledge with the technological brilliance of Oasis Pro”
— Tommy Nordam Jensen
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 18, 2024 / -- Wine Capital Fund by WIVX Asset Management, a distinguished entity in wine investments and alternative assets, is excited to announce its pioneering partnership with Oasis Pro, a leader in blockchain technology and asset tokenization. This collaboration marks a transformative step in reshaping the private equity sector by integrating Real World Asset Tokenization into Wine Capital Fund's recently inaugurated closed-end private equity (PE) fund.

Distributing alternative investments through tokenization presents a potential $400 billion opportunity. This collaboration will allow investors to hold tokens that represent a share in the Fund itself, rather than in individual wine assets, potentially increasing liquidity and accessibility. As leaders in the blockchain technology industry, Oasis Pro will be instrumental in tokenizing the equity of the Fund.

Revolutionizing Fine Wine Private Funds
The partnership between Wine Capital Fund and Oasis Pro is set to democratize the fine wine investment market, traditionally perceived as an exclusive domain. By tokenizing equity in the Fund, a wider range of investors can now participate in the fine wine market, diversifying into this unique asset class.

Enhanced Liquidity and Transparency in Private Funds
Tokenization introduces a new level of liquidity to the private funds. Investors in the Fund can now trade tokens representing their shares, a significant leap from the typically illiquid nature of traditional private fund investments. Blockchain technology creates a level of transparency previously unrealized in traditional finance and real-time tracking, allowing investors to stay informed about their investments and the overall fund performance.

A Synergistic Union
With Wine Capital's deep expertise in the fine wine market and macroeconomics, coupled with Oasis Pro's proficiency in blockchain and asset tokenization, this partnership is built on a solid foundation of knowledge, innovation, and technological advancement.

A Future-Forward Vision
"The union with Oasis Pro marks a pivotal moment for Wine Capital Fund. We are stepping into a new era of private equity investing in the wine sector. Tokenization is not merely a trend; it's the future of sophisticated investing. This partnership allows us to offer a unique investment vehicle, combining our deep market knowledge with the technological brilliance of Oasis Pro," said Tommy N Jensen, Managing Partner of Wine Capital Fund.

Pat LaVecchia, Founder & CEO of Oasis Pro, also commented, "We are delighted to partner with WIVX and the Wine Capital Fund. This venture underscores our commitment to bringing innovative solutions to the investment world. The fine wine market, rich in tradition and potential, provides an ideal setting for pioneering the tokenization of a private fund."

About Wine Capital Fund
Wine Capital Investments LP is a premier investment firm focusing on fine wine and alternative assets. Through The Wine Capital Fund it offers investors unique opportunities to diversify their portfolios, leveraging extensive expertise in macroeconomics, data analysis, and the fine wine market.

About Oasis Pro
Oasis Pro is a global fintech infrastructure provider for real world assets and digital securities. Leveraging their deep wall street and blockchain expertise they guide traditional financial institutions and sophisticated investors in the evolution of alternative asset investing. Oasis Pro provides a holistic multi-asset trading platform solution for both public and private tokenized securities using digital cash or fiat. Oasis Pro’s subsidiary, Oasis Pro Markets, is a FINRA member firm that operates a multi-asset alternative trading system (ATS), OATSPRO, to allow primary issuance and trading of public and private multi-asset digital securities as well as a full-service investment bank. Learn more at Securities are offered through Oasis Pro Markets, Member FINRA/SIPC.

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