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New Study Recruits Thousands of Participants to Better Understand New Illness: Post Covid Vaccine Syndrome

React19 is a science-based patient advocacy organization dedicated to supporting people who have suffered Covid vaccine adverse events.

React19 Research in partnership with University of Maryland Baltimore aims to learn more about Covid vaccine injuries.

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New study aims to better understand symptoms, tests, diagnoses, and treatments used by people who are dealing with lasting side-effects after Covid vaccination.

We designed the study to collect comprehensive and exhaustive information about symptoms, tests, treatments, and much more.”
— Dr. Edoardo Galli
BALTIMORE, MD, USA, January 16, 2024 / -- A nationwide study is now underway to learn more about the broad conditions people are reporting after Covid vaccination. The study, led by Dr. Linda Wastila at the University of Maryland Baltimore, aims to learn more about their symptoms, tests, diagnoses, and treatments.

Dr. Wastila, professor in the School of Pharmacy says, "The primary goal of this project is to document the symptoms and treatments of vaccine-injured individuals. With enough participants, we hope to identify symptom patterns, or clusters, and treatments that align with these symptom patterns or clusters."

Being a first of it's kind, the study looks to better define a poorly understood condition called Post COVID Vaccination Syndrome (PVS). This study is on the heels of similar research currently underway at Yale by leading immunologist Dr. Akiko Iwasaki and cardiologist Dr. Harlan Krumholz. Their preliminary results describe symptom severity and the personal impact on these patients claiming to be dealing with these symptoms. The paper can be found here:

In continuing with this study, Dr. Iwasaki aims to evaluate immunophenotyping for both Covid Long-haulers and what they are now calling Post COVID Vaccine Syndrome.

Researchers in both studies are working in collaboration with React19, a science-based patient advocacy non-profit representing over 36,000 Covid vaccine-injured Americans, founded by the vaccine-injured for the vaccine-injured. React19's Research Project Manager, Dr. Edoardo Galli, was perfectly healthy and was about to complete his PhD when he voluntarily got the Pfizer vaccine. He now deals with ongoing cardiovascular symptoms. Dr. Galli says, “We designed the study to collect comprehensive and exhaustive information about symptoms, tests, treatments, and much more. We hope that our analysis and results will be used to further advance research into this important topic and better define Post Covid Vaccination Syndrome.”

Participants can enroll and participate from the comfort of their own home. Participants must be 18 years of age or older, understand and read the English language and have access to a computer to fill out the survey. It takes about 60-90 minutes so researchers recommend participants take advantage of the "save your place" option and take frequent breaks. One study participant shared, “It took several sittings but I’ve completed mine. This survey is amazing. It covered absolutely everything! If we want to be heard so we can get help, it is imperative that we all do this."

Wastila reports over 750 participants already enrolled, and anticipates nearly 2,500 by the close of the enrollment period. This study has no funding and the research team is doing this in their free time on a volunteer basis. Researchers aim to publish the results in health and medical journals.

To learn more or to participate, go to the recruitment website at:

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