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Woburn man now charged with murder

Police in Grenada have laid a charge of murder against a second person in connection with the Carnival Monday deadly shooting incident at Egmont involving two masked hit men from neighbouring Trinidad & Tobago.

A well-placed source who is familiar with the incident told THE NEW TODAY that three days ago, 22-year old Yohance Charles of Woburn who was originally charged with Abetment to attempt to commit Capital Murder has now been charged with full-fledged murder.

He said the upgrade of the charge to murder is due to evidence apparently given to Police Investigators by 20-year old Trinidadian national Israel Farrel who was charged a week ago for the murder of Delvon Thomas at Egmont.

He stated that Farrel who was allegedly one of the two Masked Gunmen who carried out the operation at the luxury home owned by Linton Wharwood has apparently “been singing” to officers attached to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) about the incident.

“They have upped the charges now to Capital murder – it had to be the interview with Farrel, the Trinidadian guy who has also been charged with the murder,” he said.

“Yohance is no longer charged with simple aiding but with commission of the Capital Murder,” he added.

The Woburn youngster is now facing one count of Murder for intentionally causing the death of Thomas and two counts of Attempted Murder for the shooting of Wharwood.

Charles was the person identified as the one who organised the transportation for the Trini Hitmen to move from Woburn into Egmont to carry out their assignment allegedly on instructions from a Drug KingPin now in prison in Trinidad.

A source in the Underworld of Crime told THE NEW TODAY that certain elements at the Richmond Hill prison were “collaborators” with the Trini now in prison in Trinidad, in facilitating the attack on Wharwood’s home at Egmont.

He said that a family member of Charles who is currently an inmate at the Richmond Hill prison was the one who contacted him to organise the transportation.

He pointed a finger at a major person now serving a lengthy sentence in prison in Grenada who had lived several years in Trinidad as the one who received a cell phone call from the Drug King in Trinidad for assistance in carrying out the Grenada operation.

(Name of prison inmate withheld) called Yohance and say that some fellahs coming from Trinidad and they’re going to come by you and I want you to bring them by a friend of mine’s house in Egmont – they have a scene to do. I don’t think he told Yohance they were going to kill the man,” he told THE NEW TODAY.

The Underworld Figure said that several of the inmates at the Richmond Hill prison have cellphones in their possession and are using the device to conduct business on the outside.

The Trini Hitmen reportedly showed up at Woburn and took up residence at the home of Yohance’s mother and were spotted on Carnival Monday morning eating and drinking in the yard before heading into Town to witness the J’ouvert.

He said that later in the day, Yohance told a friend that he needed a ride to take “these two Trinis who had to go and do something in Egmont” and invited him to go along to give them the ride.

“While waiting in the car, they heard the gunshots – the guys came back to the car, drove back to Woburn and disappeared,” he added.

Grenada police are still looking for the second masked gunman who went into Egmont.

The driver of the vehicle is believed to have provided vital information to the police investigators.

The Underworld Figure believes that Wharwood and not Thomas was the target of the Trini Hitmen.

CCTV footage viewed by local Police investigators showed that moments before the killing, Thomas was seen interacting with one of the Masked gunmen and it appeared that they knew one another.

The source pointed out that the fatal bullet was intended for Wharwood but missed him and took out the life of Thomas.

“It was Wharwood who was the target. Delvon just happened to be in the wrong place. There was a contract out for Wharwood,” he remarked.

Wharwood was only injured in the shooting.

According to the Underworld Figure, “the guy in jail in Trinidad had his bull’s eye on Wharwood not over drugs” but what appeared to be part of a domestic issue.

THE NEW TODAY understands that attorney-at-law Jerry Edwin had applied to the high court for bail to be granted to Charles but it was rejected after the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Christopher Nelson put forward the argument that the suspect was “a flight risk.”