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Netra AI Introduces Autonomous Language Model for Business Applications

Business AI: Netra AI Unveils 'Yantra' – The Autonomous LLM for Enhanced Efficiency and Unparalleled Data Security

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2023 / -- Today, Netra AI announced the launch of 'Yantra', a purpose-built small Large Language Model (LLM) designed for autonomous business functions. Distinguished as one of the first of its kind, Yantra is engineered to power autonomous agents capable of following complex workflows and executing tasks with tools, a notable departure from the less flexible, more costly large models currently dominating the industry. This innovative technology provides businesses the advantage of customizing private models for optimized and cost-effective operations.

A New Era of Enterprise Automation

While the industry is mainly targeting AI agent applications in customer and sales support, Netra AI's 'Yantra' broadens this scope, encompassing a diverse array of business functions. Its design empowers autonomous agents to navigate and manage tasks ranging from complex strategic decision-making to nuanced customer engagement. This pioneering approach by Netra AI, emphasizing versatility and precision, challenges the current AI paradigms and opens new possibilities for AI applications in business.

Commitment to Data Security and Sovereignty

Uniquely designed to operate as a private model, Netra AI guarantees absolute data security and complete ownership rights to clients. This approach mitigates the risks associated with public model dependencies, offering a solution that can be fully hosted within a company's infrastructure – an option that foregoes the need for even internet connectivity, further fortifying data privacy. This feature is a monumental stride in AI, instilling trust and confidence in a technology often scrutinized for data privacy concerns.

An Ambitious 2024 Plan

"In the wake of OpenAI's ChatGPT setting a precedent, Netra AI is carving a new path in the AI domain," said Don Horan, CEO of Netra AI. "While ChatGPT showcased the potential of LLMs, there's now an emerging need for specialized models that operate securely and efficiently without incurring high costs. Our model, Yantra, is at the forefront of this movement, pioneering smaller LLMs tailored to specific business functions. Our AI agents that run on these LLMs are designed to take over routine tasks, freeing humans to focus on higher-value activities."

Netra AI could be one of the first to venture into this market in 2024, leading a wave of hyper-specialized LLMs that cater to diverse business functions across industries.

About Netra AI

Netra AI stands at the forefront of evolving business AI, committed to making artificial intelligence more accessible and understandable for businesses of all sizes. The company's mission is to demystify AI technology, ensuring that it is simple to integrate and use, without sacrificing cost, quality, or security. This commitment aims to position Netra AI as a leader in driving efficiency and innovation in the AI space.

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