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New Report Explores CBD's Potential, Controversies as Sleep Aid Amid Rising Insomnia Epidemic

CBD Sleep Disorder

CBD Sleep Disorder

CBD Sleep Gummies

CBD Sleep Gummies

CBD Sleep Gummy

CBD Sleep Gummy

As stress and sleep disorders skyrocket, millions are turning to a controversial new sleep aid: cannabidiol (CBD).

WEST COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2023 / -- According to The Center for Advancing Health, 30% to 40% of adults in the US complain of insomnia symptoms. As stress and sleep disorders skyrocket, millions are turning to a controversial new sleep aid: cannabidiol (CBD). Derived from cannabis, this non-intoxicating compound has attracted growing interest for its ability to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. But conflicting science, legal gray areas, and a largely unregulated market have fueled both hopes and worries about CBD's potential as a sleep cure-all.

The Science Behind CBD and Sleep - Promising, But Incomplete

Research suggests CBD may improve sleep by interacting with brain receptors involved in processes like anxiety and wakefulness regulation. But experts say large-scale human trials are still needed to validate these preliminary findings. "The early research shows potential, but we need more rigorous, placebo-controlled studies to determine efficacy and safety," says Dr. Michael J. Breus, a clinical psychologist.

CBD Laws and FDA Status

While hemp-derived CBD products are legal federally, laws vary between states. This patchwork of regulations has created misunderstandings about legal status. Additionally, the FDA does not regulate CBD products, and they are not considered supplements. The FDA also currently prohibits CBD companies from making direct claims about sleep benefits.

Issues with the CBD Market

"Not all CBD is equal quality," warns physician Dr. Sarah Brewer. Without FDA oversight, CBD supplements aren't standardized or rigorously tested. "Factors like source, extraction method and independent lab tests are key for consumers," Brewer states. Still, many flock to CBD as a last hope to treat stubborn insomnia.

Cautious Optimism for the Future of CBD

As CBD popularity grows, researchers are racing to conduct longer clinical trials on effectiveness and safety. Some experts are also studying combining CBD with other sleep aids like melatonin. "The science is still evolving, and CBD holds both promise and risks," says Brewer. "With sensible precautions, it may help some achieve the elusive dream of better sleep." But regulation and standardization concerns linger among all stakeholders.

CBD for Sleep that Really Works

Redeem Therapeutics was elected by Forbes as the #1 sleep gummy on the market. They use a pharmaceutical-level manufacturing standard to create the highest quality, natural products with integrity and transparency. The Redeem team uses their 60+ years of experience in pharmaceuticals and science-backed research to develop the best cannabinoid profile for each CBD product that is balanced and consistent every time.

Redeem Therapeutics' flagship product is their CBD Sleep Gummies which not only includes the benefits of CBD to help the consumer fall asleep, but also the cannabinoid CBN, and the botanicals chamomile, lemon balm, and passionflower, as well as melatonin. This synergistic blend is superior to other CBD products on the market, and the reviews speak for themselves.


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