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Laundry Startup Cloto Chooses Vectara for GenAI Search Overhaul, Further Validating GenAI’s Potential in Any Business

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GenAI technology allows customers to find answers quickly in 100+ languages & dialects and immediately decreases support incidences.

Cloto has seen a reduction in repetitive inbound questions, an increase in new customer conversion and existing customer retention along with efficiency gains from the Vectara GenAI platform.”
— Shawn Clink, Head of Strategic Sales at Vectara
PALO ALTO, CA, USA, November 30, 2023 / -- Vectara, the Trusted Generative AI Product Platform, and Cloto, Inc., a Canadian subscription-based laundry service that offers door-to-door convenience (the “Uber for Laundry”), collaborate to provide semantic search capabilities for Cloto’s website FAQs delivering numerous benefits to customers and the business. With an emphasis on secure, trustworthy, and transparent GenAI for enterprises, Vectara is keen on providing customers an objective evaluation of its new proprietary retrieval model, Boomerang, a key component in the RAG pipeline, which delivers true business impact.

Prior to Vectara, Cloto customer service agents repeatedly received emails and phone calls with the same questions about Cloto’s service, information that exists in customer facing FAQs but is not easily surfaced by legacy keyword search technology. After running a POC on Vectara’s GenAI “answer engine,” Cloto leadership recognized immediate opportunities to improve performance across several key metrics.

As a startup operating in an increasingly uncertain economy, Cloto’s business goals are to increase customer satisfaction, capitalize on efficiencies, and reduce manual labor costs to pass on savings to customers to encourage ongoing subscriptions and new customer acquisitions. It took just two days to get the Vectara-powered FAQ search launched into production and begin realizing benefits.

"Vectara’s GenAI platform provides Cloto with an unparalleled semantic search capability that has enabled our startup to focus on delivery of service and lower our help desk related costs,” said Usama Shaikh, Founder, CEO at Cloto. Our customers love the thoroughness of our website and being able to self-serve when they have questions about Cloto's services. In addition to Vectara's industry-leading technology, their team is responsive to our business needs and a pleasure to work with."

“We are committed to supporting small businesses around the globe and are excited about helping Cloto provide cutting-edge GenAI search on its website. Consumers are looking for convenience and value and when they have questions, they simply want a quick, accurate, and relevant answer, and then transact,” said Shawn Clink, Head of Strategic Sales at Vectara. “Cloto has seen a reduction in repetitive inbound questions, an increase in new customer conversion and existing customer retention along with efficiency gains from the Vectara GenAI platform. Vectara is proud to provide pragmatic GenAI for the backbone of the global economy: small businesses.”.

About Vectara
Vectara is an end-to-end platform that empowers product builders to embed powerful Generative AI features into their applications with extraordinary results. Built on a solid hybrid search core, Vectara delivers the shortest path to an answer or action through a safe, secure, and trusted entry point. Vectara is built for product managers and developers with an easily leveraged API that gives full access to the platform's powerful features. Vectara’s Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) allows businesses to quickly, safely, and affordably integrate best-in-class conversational AI and question-answering into their application with zero-shot precision. Vectara never trains its models on customer data, allowing businesses to embed generative AI capabilities without the risk of data or privacy violations. To learn more about Vectara, visit To learn how we're empowering the ecosystem to co-build the art of possibility in GenAI, visit

About Cloto, Inc
Based in Ontario, Canada, a subscription-based laundry service that offers door-to-door convenience. The company picks up, washes, dries, and folds customers' laundry and linens, and delivers them back to their doorsteps within two days.

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