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Revolutionary FarmationStation Marks a New Era in Cannabis Cultivation

The FarmationStation by The Indoor Farmer

The FarmationStation by The Indoor Farmer

Veg and Flower are now combined into one Assembly-line cultivation system

The combination of Veg and Flower is a logical progression for plants and a brilliant move. As an expert cultivator for three decades, I'm genuinely impressed!”
— Odie - Home Grown Natural Wonders
ERIE, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, November 26, 2023 / -- The Indoor Farmer proudly introduces its groundbreaking and patent-pending innovation, the FarmationStation. This pioneering system is poised to transform the world of Cannabis Cultivation by appending the Veg room to the Flower room, offering true assembly-line efficiency.

The FarmationStation is meticulously designed to achieve peak production efficiency and accessibility while minimizing labor costs. Founder Mica Renquist emphasizes our philosophy of maximizing vertical and row space, stating, "My focus in this engineering project was to reduce inefficiencies present in traditional facilities that separate Veg and Flower areas, eliminating cumbersome traffic patterns and minimizing wasted labor resources."

Meeting increasing demands, The Indoor Farmer doubled the size of its Erie, Colorado facility for light manufacturing. Internationally, the company has established equity partnerships with European firms, introducing innovative models in Germany. The soon-to-launch showcase facility near Zurich, Switzerland, will highlight the FarmationStation. As an added advantage, we offer complimentary Facility Design services and high-quality cultivation SOPs for all qualifying FarmationStation orders. Richard Lamb, the COO, emphasizes, "Customer success is an evolution of collaboration for us. We aspire to see 100% of the companies we work with thriving in their local markets."

The FarmationStation has also partnered with a distinguished LED lighting manufacturer in the United States, renowned for their pioneering work in horticultural science and engineering. FOHSE, a company with a consistent track record of outperforming previously encountered lighting systems in the cannabis industry, is an integral part of this collaboration. Across the globe, cannabis brands have experienced noteworthy enhancements in harvest yields, ranging from a substantial 25% to an impressive 60%. Like The Indoor Farmer, FOHSE does not leave their clients at the point of sale, their customer service is designed to work collaboratively with their clients to ensure optimal yield success.

Assembly Line Efficiency
The patent-pending FarmationStation stands as the industry's most efficient and adaptable system, designed with built-in, efficiencies that are the next right choice in the cannabis cultivation industry. The transition from Veg to Flower is not efficient unless the process is fluid! Labor expenses are your largest overhead, and relying on external labor presents your greatest vulnerability!

Why Stop at Vertical?
If you’re considering a vertical growing system, why halt at this point and overlook the next logical progression of eliminating Veg Rooms?

**About The Indoor Farmer**
Indoor Farmer is a privately owned Colorado-based company. Our dedicated team of passionate professionals is committed to pushing the boundaries of Cannabis Engineering and Architecture. With a wealth of experience encompassing more than 6 million square feet in five different countries, we lead the way in designing and executing state-of-the-art cultivation facilities.

We also specialize in GACP & GMP-ready facilities, recognizing the paramount importance of adhering to the stringent standards established by the European Union, which is the highest level of GMP certification. Our proficiency in EU GMP regulations enables us to design facilities precisely aligned with these rigorous criteria, significantly enhancing the valuations of the companies we support, all while upholding the highest levels of quality, safety, and compliance.

Richard Lamb - COO
The Indoor Farmer

The FarmationStation