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CORNERS Accelerates Global Growth with Advanced Safety Solutions

The Intelevac solution: an advanced responsive system

The 21st World Korean Business Convention

A Prominent Safety DX Company Initiates Global Expansion with 3D Intelligence-Based Smart Safety Solutions

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 23, 2023 / -- CORNERS Co. (“Corners” or “the Company”), a leading provider of Smart Safety Solutions, made a significant impact at the 21st World Korean Business Convention held from October 11-14, 2023, in Anaheim, California. Their goal was to initiate their U.S. market expansion, and they warmly welcomed potential partners and customers to join them on this exciting venture.

This gathering brought together 29 promising Hi-Seoul Companies, supported by Seoul Metropolitan Government in collaboration with the Seoul Business Agency, presenting an excellent platform for networking and business growth.

In the era of accelerating digital transformation across all industries, CORNERS, a leading Smart Safety Solutions provider, continues its unyielding journey of expanding its business, not only within South Korea but into the global market.

CORNERS was founded with a mission to provide vital real-time information when needed the most in critical situations, where human intelligence alone may fall short. By developing and implementing "Smart Evacuation Safety Solutions" designed to deliver real-time information tailored to specific locations and circumstances during unforeseen emergency situations, CORNERS initiated the digital transformation of fire safety.

Today, they maintain an exclusive position in the field of railroad tunnel and station safety management and are rapidly expanding their digital twin-based road and traffic control business nationwide.

Driven by a successful track record of nine years in technological advancements, CORNERS has ventured into various industry segments, developing an innovative safety intelligence augmentation system powered by AI and Digital Twins. These technologies complement human intelligence and are crucial in scenarios where safety is paramount. The three pillars of CORNERS' technology, known as "Detect, Determine, and Direct," utilize AI, AIoT, and digital twin concepts to detect potential risks, analyze them, and provide instant solutions based on the real-time situation.

CORNERS extends a strong welcome to partners and governmental agencies in the United States as it continues to provide cutting-edge safety solutions, contributing to the safety of the public in various settings such as shopping malls, schools, stadiums, convention centers, and museums. As the demand for Smart Safety solutions that enhance safety and preserve lives through digital transformation continues to rise, CORNERS is proactively seeking collaboration opportunities with distributors and partners willing to embark on this transformative journey.

CORNERS has been relentless in expanding its operations beyond the South Korean borders, focusing on entering international markets in Japan, Europe, South America, and the United States. Their US subsidiary, established in August 2019, is actively seizing opportunities in the US safety ICT market. The innovative product registration of the world's first intelligent hazard detection solution is indicative of their strong position in the industrial safety sector.

The Intelevac solution, a cutting-edge response system developed by CORNERS for critical situations such as firearm incidents, received recognition when it was awarded

an innovation prize at CES 2020. Following this achievement, CORNERS successfully implemented the system at MCPSTA (Morris County Police and Safety Training Academy) in New Jersey, used for training law enforcement, SWAT teams, emergency responders, and firefighters. The system underwent rigorous testing, particularly in intelligence-based response simulations, to assess its effectiveness and stability.

The 21st World Korean Business Convention, with its unique place as the first overseas Korean business conference and commemorating the 70th anniversary of the ROK-US Alliance, is expected to be the catalyst for expanding CORNERS safety DX solutions across the United States.

CORNERS, driven by continuous technological innovation and strong partnerships with promising domestic and international enterprises, is set to leap into the global arena. CEO Dong-oh Kim shares his vision: "We aim to empower ordinary people with the knowledge of when and where danger may occur in their workplace, and how to stay safe. We believe that hope for a better tomorrow can only be realized when safety is ensured today. We're determined to prove that safety innovation is the starting point for innovative growth and that we can reshape the global safety market with K-Safety technology."

As CORNERS embarks on its journey to the global stage, they remain resolute in their mission to enhance safety, and their commitment to preserving lives is unwavering. The heart of their story is the belief that safety and innovation go hand in hand, shaping a brighter future for all.

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About Corners Co.
Corners Co. leads the digital transformation in safety with its innovative solutions that leverage 3D Intelligence, seamlessly integrating detection, determination, and direction in high-risk situations. The company’s product lineup, featuring InteleVision, a real-time AI vision system for safety and security, and InteleVac, a gunshot recognition-based evacuation solution, showcases CORDERS commitment to advancing safety technologies.

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