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INFRESH Plays Pivotal Role in 68-Year Transformation for War Veteran



SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 24, 2023 / -- The South Korean eco-friendly brand ‘Infresh’ sponsored local Filipino veterans of the Korean War.

Infresh previously announced to media around the world its project to provide medical support to Korean War veterans in 16 countries (Ethiopia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, France, New Zealand, the Philippines, Turkey, Thailand, South Africa, Greece, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Colombia), starting with full support for eye disease surgery for Ethiopian veterans. Augusto Flores, a Filipino war veteran, is receiving support from this project.

They originally planned to2 invite Flores to Korea, with medical support and all expenses covered, but this idea had to be changed due to Flores' health condition, causing great disappointment all around.

Accordingly, Infresh prepared local support in the Philippines to visit Flores in person. This included an electric wheelchair for him, as he lost his leg on the battlefield. While delivering the gift they had prepared, the visitors also took a picture of Flores in the new clothes gifted to him by the company as a belated token of appreciation. This photo attracted quite a bit of attention.

Additionally, they presented a tablet containing a video expressing the gratitude of Koreans to Flores, who had missed Korea, which made a great impression on the local people. The Koreans in the video said “thank you” in the Philippine language of Tagalog, and the sincerity of their gratitude to veterans impressed both local and foreign media outlets.

An Infresh official announced the purpose of the project, saying, “We wanted to express our gratitude to the Korean War veterans for their dedication and sacrifice 70 years ago, and convey to the veterans that Koreans have not forgotten their noble sacrifices to this day.

Infresh has revealed that they plan to continue to carry out other projects related to sponsoring Korean War veterans, drawing broad attention in the future.

Netizens around the world who heard this news have praised Koreans saying such things as, “Wonderful country, wonderful Koreans!”, “Koreans never forget a helping hand”.

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